Alice Danger

Let Me Be Your Siren


Alter: 26

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Impact play
  • blood play
  • torture;
  • mind fuck;
  • role-play

No Go's

  • castration

Current favourite toy:
I currently have two favourite toys, which I like to use together. I just bought my first single tail, in black leather (I love leather). The other one is a vibrating cockring, which I had in my toy box for a long time but never really used until this year.
I use both these toys in combination to create a fun game of tease and denial where I can make you putty in my hands. I give you a word that you must say when you're going to come, and every time you reach the edge I make you give me pleasure through your pain. You delight me… and I reward you, maybe.
You become addicted to my laugh, my satisfaction at watching you suffer, and I give you an idea of the release you might never get, like light through the tunnel.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I'm Alice Danger - follow-me-down-into-Wonderland, taste-this-potion type. Although I appear delicate, long legs, small breasts, fine traits, don't be fooled. I love beyond everything to tease, to taunt, to humiliate, to create a fine web of sharp seduction that you'll have to struggle your way out of.
I can turn cruel on a whim. I like impact and intense games, tie you to a chair and tease you, interrogate you. I like roleplay games - I'll be the capricious popstar degrading her looner assistant just because; the severe schoolmistress who bends you over and punishes you; or the succubus who steals your soul and all your money.
Pain is a gift, and domination can lead to profound connection. I know the path, and I want to take you down with me into the darkest recesses of your soul - and mine.

What sets you apart?
I am wild down to the blood. Everything is a game for me, which can lead me to destroy your confidence or to set you absurd tasks to prove your loyalty. As long as there is chemistry and respect between us, I will give you the feeling that anything could happen - wonderful or devastating, who can tell?
I have a deep respect for the human body and a clinical approach to its secrets. Be my plaything, and we can make discoveries together that will blow your mind.

What is dominance/submission for you?
Dominance is a state of mind and an accumulation of skills. Therefore it requires humility and the love of learning. I believe dominance is simply an inner confidence that one is born with, and that BDSM is one of its better uses.
I've heard many definitions of submission, which range from physical masochism to inner devotion, to a desire to heal wounds from childhood. I appreciate, admire and welcome all types of submission.
In the end, BDSM is a collaboration between individuals for a profound purpose.

What do you love about SM?
BDSM is an immense realm of sensation and emotion. It can be hot as fuck, the opportunity to create exciting tableaux - sadistic nurse, human furniture being auctioned to be used, slobbering dogs… It can also be vulnerable and intimate.
BDSM transcends sex and goes to the heart of human experience. I have a real passion for the skills that can be developed through it, the knowledge of the body, tools, the expansion of the imagination. Plus leather really turns me on ;)

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
I started playing privately in 2016. I immediately developed an obsession with the more extreme side of BDSM, which I explored with mentors and submissives in Paris and London (one of my mentors being Harmony Ortica, whose speciality is nettle whips).
I explored several different branches of the sex industry while developing my domination style. I found the wildness at the core of me and refined it into a sharp arrow.
Over the years, I've only developed more appreciation for the finer technical points of BDSM play and have set out to widen my sadistic vocabulary. This year has brought me back to impact and blood, but also deepened my interest in role plays which use BDSM as a way to dive together into taboos and/or trauma and explore them through arousal.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Open your message with the word 'leather' to show you read my entire profile.
I mostly work on appointment except for a few calendar days which you can check on the Lux website. I'm available primarily through email ( We can communicate through Telegram or WhatsApp ONLY after we've agreed on a date.
When messaging me, here is what I would like you to include:

  • your name
  • some suggestions for the date and time of our meeting
  • your fantasy

Be respectful and eager.

If you're a sex-worker or a queer AFAB or trans* person seeking a session, message me. I want to meet you.