Alessia Jade

Dominant Seductress


Alter: 23

Favourite activities in one session

  • Tease and Denial
  • CBT
  • Sissy, Bi training
  • Fisting
  • Golden Shower

No Gos

  • Fully scripted scenarios
  • Intercourse
  • Scat play
  • Vomit play
  • Wrestling

Current favourite toy
You have the chance to become one.
My favourite toy always listens to me and obeys. Its only purpose is to make me happy. That is why the toy keeps finding new ways of contributing to my wellbeing. Perhaps this time it’ll pamper my senses with a gift or a dinner at the gourmet restaurant, or maybe it’ll entertain me by proposing an unusual role play. The toy knows how much I love the edgy role plays. The weirder, the better. The toy is also aware that in order to excite me, it needs to let me get deep into itself. That requires giving up all its power to me, and sharing with me its little secrets, well protected from the world. The toy knows that the more it opens up to me, the more inspiration and joy I will have playing with it. My pleasure is my toy’s pleasure.

What kind of bizarrlady are you?
I’m all about teasing and denying. Open up for me, and I’ll bring you to the edge. I’m a hot chick, soothing waves and a bloodthirsty beast. I’m your guide. Follow me, and let us step into the fire together. Step into my fantasy. I’m the song you listen to in order to be able to feel. I’m your only hope. Feel my presence dripping down your body, filling you up.

What sets you apart?
I’m a natural-born seductress who learned early on how to use her powers. My petite figure, elegant moves, the piercing yet soft gaze will put you in the place where you belong. I’m an adventurous spirit excited to explore with you the dark realms of pleasure. I value authenticity, and I’m not afraid to be sweet.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance is when you’re not afraid to use your power, and you get excited bringing your play partner in a place of surrender.
It is a state of creativity, joy, being in connection with your sexuality and intuition.
Dominance is run by empathy. The vulnerable look and the deep moaning of the other triggers your instincts, and you’re suddenly able to push you both further than ever before.

What do you love about SM?
SM makes me feel grateful. I am grateful for your power, which you lay at my feet, for opening your innermost fantasies, and for letting me mold you according to my whims.
I am entering a state of sensitivity to all the slightest signs that your body shows me. They guide me while I’m weaving your experiences. The more you open up to me, the more intuitive my movements become. My body knows what to do. It's an intense dance on the crossing of brutality and tenderness.
I love the state of creativity and endless possibilities that drives the SM dynamics. The new triggers, fantasies, new constellations. Perhaps there are my dominatrix friends or subs together with us. Everyone brings unique energy to the game.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
I always had a thing for expanding social norms. And I had the courage and privilege to keep creativity as the centre of my life. I believe that’s why I’m here now.
Since I’m a pro domme I feel better connected to myself. I am also constantly motivated to keep growing, sharpening my skills and being open to new experiences and perverse ideas. I've met wonderful people on my path who became my friends and muses. I also find it very inspiring to work in different environments when I’m on tour. In Berlin, Studio Lux is the best place to find new inputs and a great atmosphere :)

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Our experience begins already before the session. That is why I choose applications in which I see diligence, respect and commitment.
The best way to apply for the first session is to fill out the form on my website: APPLICATION

You can also email me at