16 Psyche

Welcome to feral


Alter: 38

Favourite activities

  • Impact play
  • Sensory deprivation and overload
  • Orgasm control
  • Animal play
  • Restrictions

Current favourite toy:
Your mind.
Give me control and become a tabula rasa for me to write about the intense and unconventional. My target? To make you swing between your fears and passions, bring your nervous system to an erection until you finally surrender.
I play my game my way and you are invited to join and be the star, if you dare.I will hunt you through a look, a scent, a blasphemous whisper, a rope sliding on your body followed by running claws on your tender flesh, unexpected silence broken by the strike of a whip. And then...

What kind of dominatrix are you? What is characteristic of you in a Session?
I am not a queen or a goddess to be worshipped. My charm lies in my savagery. I am to be felt as a force, an otherworldly being, an alien. Sometimes cruel, sometimes caring, but always above. Drop your will in my hands and allow me to stretch your body and soul to their limits to make you feel alive at its rawest.

I hold the reins and I do it firmly, but don't think that amidst this frenzy you will be forever lost. Search for my comforting gaze while you are below, because it is in your suffering and despair you will feel home.
I am very spontaneous and I am not a friend of very specific requests or scripted sessions. Each person awakes different ideas in me and those are the strings I pull. The true action starts when our eyes meet.
The cherry on top: I am very fond of all kind of surrealistic situations and find great joy in making outlandish fantasies come true.

What is dominance for you?
Through dominance I can awaken my full potential in many aspects. And yours too.
As if we were immersed in some sort of alchemical work, I extract, dissolve, transmute and rejoin. Leave your costume of normality at the entrance and step into your primal nature. Let yourself float on the instant reactions and not on what is expected from you. Under my command there is not much space for overthinking, we get out of the rigid structure of the mundane and ground ourselves into the present moment.
Apart from that, I like to see domination as an unconventional form of storytelling, more sensorial than reading a book or watching a film. You bring the elements, so to say: yourself bodily and psychically, your desires, passions and fears, and I set all that in movement, creating your fate for a moment.

What do you love about BDSM?
The wide range of possibilities it offers, the intensity, authenticity, the expression, the insight into human nature and into individuals. Having the power to choose and to be what I want. The sense of here and now.

How did you start with this job and what has changed since them?

I have had jobs in different fields, but none has given me the personal satisfaction, development and lust for life this one does.
Since I was a teenager, I have always been looking for intense, transformative experiences. Domination is much more than a simple job, and though it involves a lot of hard work and multitasking, it makes the most out of my life, it makes sense. And it delights me with oniric beauty, adrenaline kicks, deep dives and connections beyond the surface that enrich my life on many other levels.