Pixie P. Magic

Tantric Play and True Perversion


Favourite activities in a session (active and passive play):
Playful use and abuse, tease & denial, humour and humiliation, rope bondage and tantrical magic touch.

My favourite toy:
Words. Blazing a verbal trail through a thicket of shame and taboo.

What kind of bizarre lady are you?  What is characteristic about you in a session?
I’m unconditionally in love with kink and my devotion for lust. I feel it as the valid answer to the delusions of modern society. Let me make you feel it, too!

My heart beats on both sides for perversion. Active or passive play I view as the two imprints of the same iridescent medal. Just one more reason i’m good at empathizing with you.  

I am passionate about erotic wrestling as well as tantric massage with BDSM elements. Actually, both are about maximum intensity of touch! I am a trained tantric masseur. The tantric values of presence, mindfulness and loving acceptance comply with my empathetic nature.

I see the erotic bondage ritual as a great variation on tantric massage. One of the most intense forms of holding and being held. While you are tied up, I love to tease you especially.

To deepen our communication, there are many more ways which might include pain and pleasure. I’m really good at hitting with all different instruments and with dancing. Preferred at the same time. Explicit Sensuality might be a big thing, too.

And I love Dirty Talk!  Words which bring you to your knees, because you are so ashamed of saying them. Dirty Talk which could happen in many different role plays like age play or pet play, or your most personally designed pixie play.

Pixie, a funny rogue and shapeshifter with magical skills. She might appear as the classy lady in a corset, as a sweet bunny with long ears and fluffy buttplug, as Litte Red Riding Hood looking for revenge or in her almost natural form, the naked puck. Does that sound strange to you? Hopefully! You want little Red Riding Hood, but you are not sure if she knows how to strap-on? Just breathe into  your sphincter and leave the rest up to her.

I have been practicing ”conscious kink” for a long time now and I take workshops regularly with internationally renowned bodywork luminaries.

Overall, remember one thing: In my sessions, be who you are. Or who you always wanted to be. You will be given the space to explore and celebrate your fantasies consistently.

What do you love about SM?
BDSM is my cure for life. Instead of supposed ‘normality’, I consciously chose ‘deviation’. BDSM is my home, and I invite you into my temple to share. I love the unique power that lies within SM. The specific sadomasochistic potential which allows for authentic encounters and intimacy even in a short period of time. In my eyes it is a liberating force that can heal human beings, especially when used in connection with tantric philosophy.

What does dominance mean for you?
Holding space, offering sensitive leadership and creating parameters.

What does submission mean for you?
Freedom caused by restriction.

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then?
Passionate. Nothing.