Mademoiselle Louise

Dominance and Elegance


Age: 29

Favourite activities in a session:
Foot and Shoe Fetish
Flag with Single Tail and Cane
Golden Shower

Current favourite toy:
At the moment the Single Tail and needles are my pet favorites. It is a unique pleasure to see the sensations run through your body with every strike and every piercing. I am inspired by the trust you place in me by, literally, letting me under your skin.  Breaking this taboo is a special experience I want to share with you.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
What is special about you?
Elegant, mysterious and sensual by nature, BDSM has been a life-long passion of mine. It is both a chosen form of personal expression and a source of personal excess. Together, we will create a glorious world filled by our delinquent fantasies. As your queen, I am always ready to play with you as you serve blissfully at my feet. I am a bloodthirsty goddess, a playmate full of relish that takes great pleasure in dominating you, torturing you, and making you into my perfect toy. My fetish is the trust you share when you expose yourself to me. Entrust me with your darkest fantasies and, together, we will dive into the pleasures of our abyss. After luring you into my heavenly trap with an intoxicating and pleasurable game of tease and denial, I look forward to discovering your very own unique desires. In turn, I will show you the depths of my sadistic abyss.
Entrapped in the deepness of my gaze and losing grip from the orgasmic pleasure in the pain, you’ll see my eyes sparkle as you fall deeper into my clutches. Will you dare to play with me?

What does dominance mean to you?
Dominance and seduction are inherent to my personality. To me, dominance is a coveted method of guiding a submissive through unique, sensual, self-discovery, to help them breathe life into deep-seated fantasies in a protected space, and to share their pleasure. Years before I set foot in a professional dungeon I had many diverse BDSM experiences with an array of people of different sexual orientations and genders. The thrill and symbiosis of actualizing both my own and other’s fantasies drew me to become a dominatrix. Through my years of professional domination, I have never lost this feeling and it still thrives today.

What do you love about SM?
SM is exciting and intoxicating play between human beings. It gives us the rare opportunity to connect with each other on a deeper level and really see ourselves. No SM play is like the other – every moment is new and unique. In this way, SM provides so much potential for self-reflection and personal growth. To test boundaries, to guide people to their boundaries through intense shared experiences, to go to special and unknown places of our own existence – that is what I love about SM. The trust you give me is precious. I value it. To me, mutual respect and the will to be open-minded is the foundation for a good play.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
As a teenager I was captivated watching dominas play. In the intervening years, I aspired to learn alongside these powerful women who I held in such respect. More than ten years ago I started to make the fantasies in my head a reality. As a peer volunteer in a BDSM youth organization, I helped guide other young people interested in taking their first steps. I learned a lot from these numerous experiences. As soon as I felt knowledgeable enough I made my dream come true and held my first professional sessions. My profession has continually enriched me mentally and physically. However, the desire to pursue and establish new types of play hasn't changed. To ensure that I participate in skill exchanges and professional workshops in addition to play sessions.