Erotic Dominant Tenderly Perverted


Age: 41

Favorite activities in a session:
- Facesitting
- Bondage
- Tease&Denial
- Spanking
- Role Play

Current favorite toy:
My absolutely favorite toy is my body. A lot of magics happen there and I use it to play and to express myself.
I want to feel you, I want to feel your hands on my skin and I like to touch you back.
But what I like the most is the game to tease you and forbid you to touch me. Tease&Denial is a lovely game and I practice it often with the wonderful combination of bondage and facesetting.

What kind of dominatrix / bizarre lady are you?
What is special about you?
I am a mixture between a strict, strong sadist queen that likes to play with submission and a soft empathic and erotic pillow where you can rest after all the fatigues and tortures that life, or me in this case, puts on your way.
I could treat you very badly just for my pleasure to do that, I could punish you for being a bad disobedient rebel or just guide you to reach your limits through pain and suffering to see how far we can go together.
I am excited when I can hear the sound of your voice screaming out from the bottom of your stomach while your skin becomes more and more red under my hits, or while the embrace of ropes wraps you around like a sensual perverted snake and your twisted body cannot move anymore, lying there as a blank helpless paper where I can write down my name with your pain.
Masochists are welcome then!
I love to be a guide for beginners too, I’ll take your hands (probably tied) and let you overcome the boundaries and uncertainties, upgrading your experience to the next level.
Or, why not, since I always love the opposites, I could welcome you in my benevolence to touch and caress my cozy body, or I could let your tired head be comforted by my big breast like if you were my child, singing you a lullaby while you fall asleep in a suspended moment in time, far from the outside world and its struggles and chaotic stress.
And there’s still more, because we could enjoy together a sensual and deep erotic trip where our bodies touches each others, in a totally intimate red light scenario.
If all this would be not enough I am a professional certificated Shiatsu masseur as well, I have a lot of experience in that field so why not let me put my precious hands on you to rebalance your dirty energies through a Kinky Shiatsu treatment?
Promise, you won’t regret that.
After all I am charismatic, am I not?

What is dominance for you?
For me Dominance is something that I feel inside, it’s an inner feeling of being present, being at the same time a leader and be able to guide others while my energy anyway is grounded like if I would have had roots. It’s offering the possibility to others step into something still unknown for them or to run together across a path already opened, but with different colors and flavors.
Dominance for me is also a wise use of knowledge, a door that can be opened to have a look into something deeper or to have the possibility to jump inside a new world.
That’s why beginners are always welcome.
Dominance for me is also a big step into trust.

What do you love about SM?
The power to go through the limits in a safe and consensual scenario, the possibility to reach a deep level of communication and impact and leave marks that could be remembered for a long time.
I like also the feeling that in this special “space” we can do things that otherwise would be forbidden, breaking rules, or create a new ones.
SM for me could be also a good role game to play, to be someone else that in daily life would be hard to be or just to reveal sides of our human nature and to be in contact with our intimate instincts.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
Somehow, and I heard this around many times from other sex workers, it is like…I always knew I would have been doing this one day, was just something already written somewhere in my mind, a door that was just waiting to be opened at the right time.
I come from the world of Shiatsu and Aikido, both Japanese arts, I practiced them for a lot of years and thanks to them I have been through a personal path into bodywork and healing processes, through pain and its scaring and cathartic power.
But there was also a time, years and years ago, when I recognize that I have been always fascinated by Bondage as well, and I felt that there was some kind of connection between these arts.
But in that moment I couldn’t find any way to start my research about it, I had to wait many years before I could find a link to a Bondage Master in Italy, and try personally a session with him.
That experience was stunning, was something that made me breathe in a different way and gave me a more deep experience into my body.
I have never been a Bondage bunny anymore, except for a couple of times, but I felt that I would have preferred to manage the ropes, to be the one in control.
Since that day, step by step, everything started, and when I moved to Berlin I went deeper in my research and experience, exploring other parts of the BDSM world and combine them with my knowledge about bodywork.
And for me it is like there is no separation between them.
It began a profession because for me sharing these kind of deep experiences and make them available for those who want to enjoy this views is making available a richness of awareness and satisfaction of being.