Fraeulein Eder

Passionate Consequence


Age: 31

Favorite activities:
Coolly letting a man crawl before me and kiss my feet.
Tying up a man in a manipulative manner and then having my way with the helpless victim.
Sticking my finger in the mouth of a man.
Sticking my fingers and toys into every possible orifice of a man.
Using my strap-on in ways ranging from very gentle to demanding.

Favorite Toy:
Lately I've become more and more natural and versatile in the broad field of bondage. That means you have probably found a perfect partner in me if you are into lively and well-done rope bondage, or if you fantasize of very intense forms of enclosure (latex sessions, masks, leather body bag, mummification with foil or duct tape). I like the meditative moments as well as the overpowering and profound dominating that I can exercize through your helplessness.

What kind of Dominatrix are you?
I am:
A classical dominatrix who does not engage with you at arm’s length. Though there won’t usually be any intimacies, you should nevertheless clearly state if you don’t want to experience any kind of naked skin or bodily fluids.
A dominatrix with a professional attitude. What I do is safe for and desired by both sides.
A sadistic dominatrix. But physical pain is just one thing that inspires me. I enjoy just as much the sadism inherent in humiliation, in cruel consistency, in using and mocking someone.
A passionate dominatrix.

What is dominance for you?
Saying what’s to be done. And gaining sexual pleasure from everything working out just as I want it to at this very moment!

What do you love about SM?
What’s not to love about a setting that allows me to indulge my most wicked instincts and present my most awe-inspiring wardrobe?