Toilet Special


Brief overview:
Do you desire to be serve us ladies when we relieve ourselves? Do you long to be used for this purpose as often as possible by as many ladies as possible? Would you like to be our submissive, living toilet?

Target group:
Experienced scat and GS connoisseurs who would like to live this fetish aside from other forms of play and who find waiting and passivity stimulating.

You lie there and slowly sink into your subspace. You know why you are here. Your purpose is clear. You are one thing only. You are our toilet.
We take no notice of you. Who cares how the toilet is doing. But you will be used. A real lady has to satisfy certain needs from time to time. And perverse ladies even enjoy doing so.
You don’t know when, how and for what you will be used.
You hear the clacking sound of high heels. They are coming closer. The shoes are placed precisely to the right and left of your head. You look under the skirt. Is she wearing panties under her skirt? The skirt slowly comes closer and…

You can choose from the following scenarios, please note that you must also specify whether you are a ladies' room or a unisex toilet.

You will spend at least 4 hours in the studio and will be available as a urinal to all present. If you are lucky, you will receive special attention, otherwise you will remain silent and devote yourself completely to your purpose as a toilet.

Price 450,-€

Deluxe urinal
You are not satisfied with being reduced to a urinal? You want to be that certain something, a true LUX-us toilet? We will lead you to your new destiny.
You will spend at least 4 hours in the studio and be available as a urinal to everyone present. Besides pure relief, you will receive additional attention in the form of (mean) games.

Price 650,-€

Appointment requests:


Full toilet
Do you like to fill your mouth and go all out? Then our full toilet special is the right thing for you.
You choose the person of your choice from our SCAT givers and agree on participation in a toilet special with KV. They will take care of the organisation. You will also be present in the studio for at least 4 hours and additionally prove that you have not been too mouthy.

Price: Pissoir or Pissoir Deluxe + fee for the person giving the KV.


In all cases a deposit of 200,-€ is necessary. This can be paid via bank transfer or cash at least one week in advance.