Sex Object


The fantasy

At the mercy, helpless, vulnerable, but also so eerily excited, curious and aroused. In a moment the door will open and your adventure will begin. Hands will tamper with you, who exactly you don't know, and what exactly happens to you and when is also hidden behind a veil of sweet anticipation. If only you could see something. You hear the incomparable sound of high heels coming striding down the hallway. The beat makes you wonder, but you don't have time to think about it: the door opens and you feel 4 demanding hands on your skin....


The scenarios

You can choose from the following scenarios. Let us know if you want to be used only by ladies, by gentlemen or by all.

The lecherous landlady of the frivolous boarding house
You are passing through a godforsaken small town. There is only one boarding house that is open.The red light at the entrance makes you a little suspicious, but you are desperate. You ring the doorbell and stare in amazement at the enormous cleavage. In the background you hear busy giggling and also a suspicious rattling.

When you ask if you can pay with a debit card, the lady's eyes change. No, they would only take cash, but you could also 'work off' the overnight stay. The tone of her voice says very clearly that this does not mean washing plates. She reinforces this by lasciviously spreading her legs, and tightening her sheer blouse over her tight buds. A door in the hallway opens, and two more very sexily dressed people approach you. You swallow hard as you notice the handcuffs, but what else can you do?


The slightly different job interview
You had imagined it would be easier. And now you stand there. Three pairs of eyes are looking at you sternly. You have a hard time concentrating on what is being said because of the sexy clothes, but vaguely remember "testing" and "if he can take it".

On the one hand, greedy looks almost eat you up, on the other hand they seem to ignore you completely and chat uncomplicatedly over coffee and cake about this and that. You see elegant footwear, long sexy legs, fingers curling somehow invitingly around the handles of the teacup....

You pull yourself together and remember: you're here as a "personal assistant," a little unclear about what the job actually means, but you're desperate, you've got some bills coming up and you need cash. Now. That's why you're standing here now in front of the assembled crew, dressed in nothing but a sexy little pinafore. A very skimpy thin piece of fabric that now also bulges suspiciously. Oops.

The advertisement said that the "Personal Assistant" should be versatile and flexible. And open to trying 'new things'. Whatever that might mean. Further, it said that you not only have to bring and serve the cake, but also take care of the special needs of those in attendance. And now you're here, and they want to test you first for your fitness. The focus is not only on manners, but also on your qualities in licking, dexterity and devotion. Should you lack empathy, you would already be shown what is important. Also as a play object for binding, nipple play and other perversities you have to be available.

Your apron is now clearly bulging upwards, which does not go unnoticed. There will be consequences...


The fateful assessment center
You're nervous because you're woefully underqualified for the management position you've applied for.

Sitting in front of you are the European sales manager and the HR manager of the German branch of the company in Berlin, both impressive personalities. You try to behave in a highly professional manner, but their sexy appearance has also been registered one floor below in your suit trousers. Bashfully, you hold your application mat in front of it.

The personnel manager opens the interview and doesn't bother with long prefaces. You are probably aware that the company has already done some research on you ... Oh dear, ... They know that you have just been fired from your old company and are therefore completely lost without this new job.

Both smile smugly and lean back with pleasure. Since this is a project management job that requires a lot of dedication and unconditional obedience, each of them would test you out in different areas. At these words, the sales manager rises and comes to examine you at close range. There is no more room for the application folder and your "misery" becomes clear to everyone present. Blood rushes to your face, while one hand wraps around your bump and the other around your tie...


Your personal Kopfkino - your personal fantasy
These scenarios are just a tiny sampling of the possibilities available to us. From prisons to asylums, boarding schools, moonlight rituals, adventures in swingers clubs, hotels or time travels, there's really nothing to stop us from realizing exactly your head cinema.

The only condition: dare to tell us what makes you hot, and we will exploit it mercilessly...



The LUX object for the small purse. Ideal for those who want to try out how it is with devotion, being at the mercy and sessions with more than one person. During your stay you will be visited several times, but only by one person at a time.

Basic Compact

  • Duration: 1-2h
  • 3 persons visiting you one after the other
  • Net playing time: 60 min
  • There may be waiting time between visits
  • Price: 360,-€
  • Of which deposit: 70,-€

Basic Extensive

  • Duration: 2-3h
  • Minimum 3 people who come to visit you one after the other
  • Net playing time: 120 min
  • Waiting time may occur between visits
  • Price: 660,-€
  • Of which deposit: 130,-€

This is how the LUX object is meant to be - the best of both worlds: We love to play together and you get to enjoy being played by 2 people at the same time. You can also get to know team members you don't know yet. An exciting win-win situation

DeLUXe Compact

  • Duration: 1-2h
  • 3 people, always 2 present at the same time
  • Net playing time: 60 min
  • Waiting time may occur between visits
  • Price: 480,-€
  • Of which deposit: 70,-€

DeLUXe Extensive

  • Duration: 2-3h
  • Minimum 3 persons, where always 2 are present at the same time
  • Net playing time: 120 min
  • Waiting time may occur between visits
  • Price: 900,-€
  • Of which deposit: 130,-€

LUXus Orgy
You are in the mood for the ultimate adventure and love to expose yourself to many people? The other versions are just not enough for you? Then our LUXus Orgy is the right thing for you. This exclusive experience is made for true connoisseurs, you will experience many sensual intimate moments, stimulating communal visits and last but not least, we will ignite a real fireworks display for you in the finale. But beware! The risk of repetition is not insignificant!


  • duration: 4-5h
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Solo sessions, duo sessions and a grand finale
  • Net playing time: 180 min
  • Waiting time may occur between the individual visits
  • Price: 1290,-€
  • Of which deposit: 200,-€


Your request

Please note that after a successful deposit, there will be at least one week of planning time.

Please add 3 and 3.


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