Short Information:
Forced to watch your Domina engage in explicit sex games, in the context of a personal session.

Target Group:
Cuckis, Cucks und Cuxters! Everyone who loves being betrayed and sleazy. Lovers who want to improve their skills. Voyeurs, Masochists, Devos.

Spring is there, but not warm enough yet? You're dreaming of watching your Domina have passionate sex with a lucky chosen one, while you're not allowed to join the fun?
Or might be allowed later? Or not? That's right, I think that sounds hot, too.  
You enjoy the agony of not being able to even touch your prick, because you're strapped tight to a chair? You're lucky the chair has a pretty comfy cushion on it, so that you can hop and wriggle around excitedly without hurting your submissive bottom.  
Watching us and hearing our moans is making you more and more horny.
You're fantasising about taking Ben's place as he gently licks Pixie before kissing her bottom, sucking her juice and finally giving her (you guessed it).  
Ben - a handsome young, horny sexy boy who's been personally selected and trained by Pixie to fully satisfy her every sexual demand.  
Take this opportunity to observe Ben at work - who knows, maybe later Pixie will give you a chance to demonstrate how good you can satisfy her needs, too - but for sure, you've got to earn that privilege.  
Otherwise you'll just be allowed to shine Ben's shoes before he leaves you and me alone again.  

Contact us to book a session and talk about details and possible variations. CUck you soon!  

1 Hour Cuckold:

2 Hours Cuckold:

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