Interrogation & Kidnapping


Brief overview:
Interrogation games, kidnapping scenarios, prison role play

Target group:
Experienced role players who enjoy elaborate orchestration, interrogation enthusiasts and fans of authentic kidnapping

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Two impressive ladies have tied you to a chair – naked and with your legs spread wide, in a room that is completely unfamiliar to you. They smirk while staring at you. You don't stand a chance of hiding your arousal. In any other situation, this would irritate you. But now you are scared.

You were kidnapped near the ICC. Then driven through Berlin with a bag over your head. You are still feeling stunned and dizzy. Your business meeting today? Forget it!
The two look very content. And hot. One of them is wearing a very tight, short uniform and high boots. She is holding a device in a box, which worries you. The other one is wearing a blouse and a mini skirt. She is standing with her hands on her hips and has stopped smiling. Her high heels are producing a rhythmical clicking sound. Is she becoming impatient?

They definitely want some kind of information from you, but which? You decide to keep your mouth shut, no matter what they ask of you. You are not going to sell out your company. Your lips are pressed together tightly.

The two laugh loudly. It's a filthy, sarcastic laughter. So far, not a single word has been spoken.

Panicking, you are trying to sort through the events of the past hours in an attempt to calm yourself down. The uniformed lady squints her eyes, lifts your chin with one hand and looks you straight in the eyes. The other one turns on a spotlight, you are blinded, you blink, and before you understand what is happening, she slaps you in the face. Bad cop? Your cheek is burning. They put a blindfold on you and you can hear the spotlight being switched off. Then silence. A very, very long silence. It feels as if your ears are growing, that's how much you are trying to understand what is happening here.

You startle when you suddenly feel a pair of lips right next to your ear.

„Where. Is. The. Hard. Drive?“ The soft voice is both confusing and arousing. What hard drive? And which one of the two is talking now? What is her plan? She gently touches your hard-on, you pull on your bonds, you wriggle and squirm, but there's nothing you can do about the fact that it is being bound with a thin rope and slowly pulled up, slowly higher and higher – it sounds like a rope winch.

Is it possible to find out who is the good cop and who the bad cop? Is there any chance to escape this situation?


2 hours session with two ladies (kidnapping taking place on the premises of Studio LUX)
plus detailed preliminary talk, shower and relaxed after session chat
Duration of stay with everything included approx 2.5 – 3 hrs

One lady at a time, there are overlappings where both ladies are present

Both ladies are present for the whole session and bring out the best in you

Kidnapping in a public place

A deposit is required in advance

Naturally, a detailed preliminary talk is needed for all of the mentioned scenarios unless we already know each other well or you can credibly show us, either via email or telephone, that you are an experienced player who knows their preferences and limits well. We expect you to express own suggestions, reports of former experiences of fantasies.

Prices can vary depending on which ladies are taking part in the session
Included are, in addition to the actual session, a detailed preliminary talk, a shower and a relaxed after session chat.


Organisation of the date:
Please contact one of the named persons, they will organise the session.