Early Bird


Brief overview:
The early bird catches the worm – or another toy to play with…
While other studios are closed in the morning hours, studio LUX is happy to welcome early guests.

Target group:
Morning persons, early risers
At LUX, several ladies and gentlemen offer sesions in the early hours or right after breakfast for early birds

At cock-crow, the world is still a little surreal. The streets are empty and the air is hazy. In an almost dreamlike state you are setting out. The usually busy studio is quiet. Your head is free of any input from everyday life. Your senses still sharp. While others exercise their morning run, you surrender to a beautiful lady (or handsome gent) who will shake you awake and prepare you for the dawning day with a knowing hand. Until sunset you will be affected by your memories of this lust- or painful, in any case noteworthy start into your day.

You are especially horny in the morning? Or are you dreaming of getting a good grilling before work, only to shift your burning behind around on your desk chair for the rest of the day? Or are you in Berlin on a business trip and between the check-out from your hotel and your flight home there is exactly time for one session? Or are you not a morning person at all and getting a lesson shortly after sunrise is painful in itself and therefore a great challenge for you? Maybe you are a recruit assembling for morning roll call?
Whatever takes place in a morning session depends on you and your selected play partner.

Usual session prices