Duct Tape Deluxe


Brief info:
Me, you, 250 m of duct tape, 2 good hours of time.
Hopeless mummification, absolute restriction.

Target audience:
Experienced bondage aficionados, lovers of extreme mummification, people who enjoy tunnel games.

A thin layer of foil lets you guess what is about to happen to you. Layer by layer, roll by roll, I wrap you in strong, shiny tape. Where the foil still allowed you freedom of movement through its elasticity, the tape encloses you tightly and makes you stiffen more with each layer.
A moment ago you could still wriggle, now you are fixed. You are enveloped as if in a protective, unyielding cocoon. Only a few elementary places are left free: Nostrils, nipples, genitals ...

In contrast to normal bondage, you are wrapped over a large area, every square centimetre of your body is enclosed and its freedom of movement restricted. My careful wrapping lets your cocoon grow securely but inexorably around you. you can breathe freely. But that's it.
Everything else is under my control. I have not left some parts of the body accessible for nothing.

Duct Tape Deluxe is a demanding pleasure and is only recommended for advanced SMers. Once wrapped, it's not enough to untie a few knots, I have to carefully release you from your shell. After this meditative but at the same time extremely demanding session, you will emerge from your shell as if reborn.

A good 2 hours of pure play time
complete mummification
Price: 450,- € + 250m duct tape of my choosing (link provided on request)