Little Slut wants to belong to you


Age: 29

Favourite activities in a session:
- bondage and sensory deprivation
- blowjob & deepthroat
- rough handling
- role play, including taboo scenarios
- kissing and sensuality

No Go's:
- unsafe play
- anal on me
- marks that last longer than a few hours
- toilet play

My favourite toy:
My own body. A source of desire and ever new sensations.
And maybe soon to be your new favourite toy as well?
Imagine I’m lying before you, hands and feet tied up, sprawled out and surrendered. You lose yourself in my large green eyes, unable to resist them. You put a blindfold on me. Now I belong to you. Watch how my body squirms under your touch. Find out how it reacts to affectionate caresses and to worse. Come, play with me!

What kind of submissive are you? What is characteristic about you in a session?
Look at me. Do you like me? Or do you find me a little too haughty? Too cheeky, too playful? Then you should urgently address my stubborn little attitude. After all, punishment is a necessity. I enjoy crossing the line at times. Would you let yourself be provoked? What would you do to me? I can barely hide my delight. And if you know how to handle me right, I become tame and obedient, and serve your desires with devotion.

What do you love about SM?
A game for body and soul, where we can let loose and linger in the moment. We throw all the rules overboard and simply create new ones for ourselves…

What does submission mean for you?
A way to live out my immediate desires and not get away with it unpunished.

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then?
My desire for sexual adventures and BDSM helped me to find a student job which allows me to pursue my diverse interests without restrictions. I mix business with pleasure - and I love it!
So far, I have offered my services only as an escort. Therefore, I am glad that I can finally receive guests in a wonderfully equipped studio.