polymorph playmate


Age: 34

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Role play
  • Erotic toys
  • Wrestling matches
  • Bondage
  • Clinic

NO- Go’s:

  • Kissing
  • Cunnilingus
  • Unsafe
  • Girlfriend Experience

Current favorite toy:
My favorite toy is definitely the Magic Wand vibrator. Preferably a small handy one with a battery that fits in any luggage or handbag. I still remember very clearly a special and rather funny moment during the security check at the airport...And of course it should be waterproof, for relaxing hours in the bathtub or pool. My little purple wand vibrator vibrates discreetly and I love it when I get spoiled with it in a session. I also like it a lot when I get to touch myself while you watch me - if I’m allowed of course.

What kind of sub are you?
From early on, thoughts formed in my head that lead me to feel that my desires and impulses were a little different from other people's sexualities. These fantasies were shameful initially as I battled with the reality of my submissiveness, my servile tendencies, but also with my enjoyment of pain. Today, fortunately, I now know: almost everyone has preferences, which unfortunately do not always meet with acceptance.
For me it was an enormously liberating push when I began to engage openly with my true inclinations. I looked around, first privately, in the BDSM scene and quickly realized: this is exactly my thing! I am always happy about creative and unconventional role-playing. But of course I also have a lot of fun with "classic" sessions. My repertoire includes: Latex, masks, deprivation, E-play, Breath play and especially lots of toys!

I have been switching for some time now and feel comfortable in the dominant role as well. So if you are looking for a touchable Bizarre Lady, then you are exactly right with me.Since I'm also into threesome constellations, I could be a caring but resolute assistant doctor in a clinic session, for example. I do not have a particularly sadistic streak, but I still like to educate you with the cane. You will be amazed how resolutely I can lead you!If you like wrestling, you will also have a lot of fun with me. I have several years of martial arts experience in Kick-boxing and Krav Maga.

What makes you stand out?
I want to create a space where no taboos or shame exist. We’ll talk openly and respectfully about our fantasies and of course our limits. Open communication forms the basis for everything that follows. Every person is individual, and accordingly every session is different: sometimes playful, sometimes strict, sometimes sadistic... I can read people well and respond to their needs. I do not follow a plan, but my intuition. A first contact, as well as the preliminary and follow-up conversation always take place at eye level.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance requires an enormous amount of empathy and responsibility. The right mix of strictness, punishment and care makes for a good session in the end, where I can completely let myself go and trust. Sometimes such a bond builds over several sessions, but often it fits right away. That's the great thing about BDSM: you connect with people in a very special way that is completely different from everyday life.

What do you love about SM?
BDSM is something that deeply relaxes me, despite or because of the focus on my own body, the tightening up, the breathing, the muscle contractions,....and of course the focus on my counterpart. We get to truly leave everything else at the door in such moments, it’s just us. A BDSM session can be therapeutic, creative or even fun! Of course, it's also about exploring boundaries and staying curious. Only by carefully testing boundaries can we learn to define them for ourselves. It's a game in a way, but at the same time I never pretend.

How to make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Write me a short email with your wishes, I will usually answer you within one day. You can find my availability under "Calendar". If you are very limited in time, we can also make an appointment outside my calendar days, in which case I will ask for a deposit. Spontaneous sessions on calendar days are possible in rare cases. However, it is always worth contacting me at least one day in advance. My phone number is available on request.

How did you start doing this / what has changed since then?
When I first started practising BDSM professionally, as in my personal life, I was exclusively passive. Of course, my sexuality has developed over the years and I have constantly learned new things from many great colleagues. So at some point I came to act occasionally on the dominant side. What initially attracted me to the job was the "moral taboo". In the meantime, I learned that neither my work nor my guests should be judged or condemned in any way. Sex work has broadened my horizons enormously and given me the opportunity to develop and evolve on an incredible number of levels.