Lasciva Lust

A dark & lustful universe of happenings


Age: 40

Favourite activities in a session:

  • T&D
  • Mummification
  • Chastity Play
  • PetPlay
  • Objectification (Human Furniture)

No Go's

  • Scat
  • ABDL
  • Male Gratification
  • Religious/ Cultural Degradation
  • Drugs

Current favourite toy:
I rejoice using My most well behaved subs the way I see fit. My favourite current toys are the subs who put effort into training, who devote to be good and obey.
Those who actively and honestly surrender to My Dominance and that are interested in growing and evolving as subs while elevating and supporting Me as their Mistress/Goddess.

I absolutely love proper Worshipping. To receive Gifts and Tributes up to My standards. When subs put effort in the training their are receiving and are genuinely grateful to be shown their place, which is under Me.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
If you are brave enough to dare entering My universe, what awaits you is an experience of lustful darkness that you cannot imagine or escape. Once you step in, you are Mine. Be ready to be shocked, to be amazed, to feel intoxicated and still have the uncontrollable desire for more. Be ready to serve Me and you will be trained to be the best sub you can be.
I will train you to be flawless and to elevate to My standards.

As a Professional Seductrix & Dominatrix, I like to implement High-Protocol into Play using My natural pre-disposition to seduce, creating an unique experience where each encounter is shaped for building intimacy and trust, while challenging the sub’s mind and body constantly with tasks to be accomplished and levels to achieve.
This method not only stimulates the sub but allows them rewards, accordingly with their best abilities and consequential efforts. Be ready to fall in lust.

What sets you apart?
My genuine interest for the sub under My feet. I create experiences, not quick burns.
A Session with Me is to submerge completely in My very creative universe.
As My sub you will find that My refined taste includes art, music, Gourmet experiences, speaking different languages, extravagant happenings.
My passion for art amplifies and extend to My subs through Tattoo Art. Being a Tattoo Artist as well, sometimes I can combine tattoos into the Session- under previous agreement- so I can deliciously carve My art into your skin and lavish on your pain.

I have been organising and promoting very exclusive events in order to reward the most hard-working subs, allowing them to show their acquired skills -under demand- to a very select group of Guests.
The aspiring subs can apply to be trained exclusively to serve at those events. But only the best will make it.

What is dominance/submission for you?
Before and foremost, I believe that both Dominance and submission are a journey of self-knowledge, acceptance and ultimately, love. A deep dive into your own shadows and darkness.
When you surrender in servitude & submission, this action requires courage from you, to be entirely vulnerable and exposed.
You are curious enough and have the urge to feel complete, to have better understanding of the self and with that, safely navigate in this pleasurable discover of the senses. When you surrender under the right guidance and in a safe container, it’s when you start healing and evolving, becoming a better version of yourself. You will feel grateful and honoured to be put in your place, to enter into the sub-Mission mindset in servitude to Me.

As the Dominant, the Power that arises is beautiful but it doesn’t come without huge responsibility of being continuously learning, improving and evolving. Guaranteeing safe exploration at all times, never forgetting that I am the one in Power, the one in Control. As a Dominant I can never take those responsibilities lightly.
Either way the most important part for both Dominants & subs is to have as much fun as possible in this exploration together, always under Clear and Responsible Consent.

What do you love about SM?
The BDSM universe is very large and versatile. It has feelings, textures, tastes, it enhances, it degrades, it’s everything and can be nothing while embracing it all. What is not to love? The intensity that nuances can give inside this universe are very extent.
We can learn a lot through pain. I see it as a tool for promoting intimacy, trust, liberation between Me and you. It can be healing, it can mean freedom. Pain makes you transcend your perspectives about life. Of how you see the world and you in it.

It gives Me so much pleasure to see the expressions on your face when the whip hits your skin, it’s honest pain, that’s your true self right there. And I could frame that expression and hang it on My wall to savour it forever.
The sweet after-marks beautifully stamped on your skin to be remembered and relived for days… It’s Divine Art.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
I have been part of the BDSM community for about 15 years now and, during this period I gathered experience and learned a lot.
I began My journey in Brazil, passing through many other places and countries where I had the chance of practising Domination and consequently improving My abilities. Domination is natural for Me, although in the past I tried Myself in other roles in order to understand My inclinations better but also for a deeper understanding of the sub’s mental space, feelings and motivations so I can now create memorable and unique experiences.
Over the years I applied Myself and evolved greatly into the Powerful Goddess that you will be honoured to humbly serve and surrender to. The Goddess who will use you deliciously for Her dark pleasures.
You will feel the privilege of My presence over you and be grateful to be guided by My experienced hands, in a Safe, Sane and Consensual container, created specially for our Play-time together.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Contact Me through My website or send a respectful email to displaying your name & age, common interests and preferred dates/times and I will see if an appointment is possible. I don’t attend to requests for the same day. Learn that My time is valuable and My total Tribute likewise reflects that.