Lady Vyra

perverted Playmate


Age: early 40s

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Sensual Body Contact
  • Fisting
  • Spanking and Flagellation
  • Role Play
  • Tease & Denial

Current favourite toy:
The Mirror.
The many cleverly placed mirrors in the different rooms of Studio Lux offer a tantalizing view of what is going on behind closed doors. I find that looking at what we are doing in the mirror intensifies the physical experience. It’s super hot taking the blindfold off of a guest in the middle of a session so they can see themselves tied up and under my control!

What kind of dominatrix are you?
What makes you special?
My body is my favorite tool and I know how to use it to sensually tease out your deepest fantasies and discover your hidden taboos.
Sessions combining erotic closeness and piquant elements are what excite me most. I like to get under your skin, play with your body and mind. Possess you and turn you into my toy, penetrate you with my fingers, fist or strap-on…
I like intensity in sessions, but humor and playfulness are also important to me. Your laughter is welcome when we are playing – we are both here to enjoy ourselves.
I enjoy creating a magical realm outside of the mundane where you can express yourself and live out your desires. But what it’s all about for me is your surrender – the moment when I look into your eyes and see that you’re giving yourself completely to me.
Mutual respect and explicit consent are essential for a good session. To hear your fantasies arouses my curiosity and I take time to understand them.
I like intelligent sessions and thought provoking conversation. Clear communication is key – it is a pleasure to meet with guests that know exactly what they want or beginners who might not yet know what they are looking for, but have taken the brave step to explore their desires. I enjoy planning surprises and following my intuition.
My passion for BDSM has led me to explore many kinks, but what I find most fascinating is discovering what is possible between two people.

What do you love about SM?
I’m passionate about every aspect of BDSM. Whether playful, perverted, sensual or sadistic, I’m inspired by intensity and enjoy playing with the body and its sensations.

I love how subversive it is – it’s a thrillingly perverse feeling, walking out of the studio into broad daylight, knowing we share this dirty little secret. From the anticipation of a session, through the intensity of the moment, to the reverberations afterwards…it’s like an island away from the everyday where you can express hidden parts of yourself and live out your desires. SM is a mental game as much as a physical one, and when we go deep, I take pleasure in the feeling of you letting go in my hands.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
BDSM has been part of my private life for many years, and it’s part of who I am – I have an insatiable appetite for play. I came to realize that doing this as a job would be a natural way to incorporate more play and pleasure into my life.

Each session is so unique and sparked by the chemistry that happens between two people when we enter this space. I love the surprise of discovering new kinks through my guests, and this has expanded my own desires.

Being a professional dominatrix has made me a more empathetic, interesting and playful person. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to play with people I may never have met outside the studio, and this has enabled some of the most beautiful, intense and erotic moments I’ve ever experienced.