Lady Selina Morgan

Taste the whip and plead for me!


Age: 34

Favourite activities:

  • humiliation and degradation
  • fetish play (feet, nylons, latex)
  • CBT
  • sissy training
  • full-weight body play (face-sitting, trampling)

My current favourite toy:
My scratcher, my nipple clamps, my ball stretcher: whatever toy works best in the moment based on the reactions I want out of my human, out of the person who is at my mercy.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I am versatile and emotionally intelligent, I feed off the sub’s energy to push just the right buttons and have them wrapped around my finger. I mastered the arts of both pity and empathy - which is of high importance to me. I am a passionate fetishista and enjoy the company of like-minded hedonists.

My biggest fetishes by far are nylons, lingerie, high heels, and latex. Even though I always indulge in wearing them during a session, I don’t need to be dressed in a certain way to feel dominant, because it is who I am. It’s not something that comes and goes, it’s not something I pretend to possess.

One of my specialities is helping men break free from their toxic masculinity by toying with gender and the concepts of masculinity and femininity. I welcome gender identities of any kind and am always happy to play with couples.

What is special about you?
I am special because you look at me from across the room and are immediately nervous. I am special because I look inside you and build my interaction with you based on that instinctive response I get from the way you quiver and shiver as you consider the possibilities of what it means for you to be at my mercy.

Sensual, strict, cruel, caring, naughty, witty, serious and seductive: I am the woman you are afraid of and the woman you want to impress. A fragile ego will tremble and crumble just by sensing my presence.

What is dominance for you?
Making you melt, making you squirm, and getting into your head and tantalising every sensation you experience. Being dominant is a responsibility and an exquisite divinity that you provide me and that I wield over you.

Domination for me is having control over sub’s body, physical actions, state of mind, and attention. The most exquisite play scenarios don’t just appear out of thin air, they are fuelled by the D/s dynamic and it takes at least two to materialise this kind of magic. Fun on both sides is a cornerstone of every kinky experience!

What do you love about BDSM?
The world revolving around my every whim is what attracts me to the practice of BDSM to begin with. Applying that feeling, thought, or moment in the most creative ways possible is what I love about BDSM: I almost never do the same thing twice with the same person, or ever. For me, BDSM is a space for exploration, a world where I can truly unleash every aspect of my creativity on my victims.

Designing a scene that perfectly entwines my lust and my sub’s cravings and stopping the outside world from existing for a moment has a great appeal to me. It’s about imagination and improvisation and the ability to adapt to the situation.

How did you start this profession? What has changed since then?
Being a professional is something I take great pride in. One doesn’t just wake up one day and calls themselves a professional, it comes with experience, learning, training, paying attention to details, self-reflection, and dedication. Bizarre and perverted things fascinated me since I’d started discovering my sexuality.

By putting all the extra work into my desires and passion I’ve grown and evolved over time and making it my profession was just a question of formality. A good domme can never stop learning - I invest my energy into perfecting my existing skills, learning new techniques and skills to add to my repertoire, but also into teaching and mentoring other dommes. Empowered women empower other women.

It feels good to notice that I’m good at reading people and their desires.