Lady June

It's the fantasy, that motivates me!


Favorite activities of a session:

  • Role-playing
  • Clinic (especially dental treatments)
  • Tease and Denial
  • Latex
  • Feminizations

Current favorite toy:
My current favorite toy is the latex glove.
It's really just a utility item to keep everything clinically clean, but yet it's so much more than that.
I love the sound a latex glove makes when I put it on. Of course it has to be very tight so that it is like a second skin. I inspect you with it completely at my discretion.

What kind of dominatrix/bizarre lady are you?
What makes you so special?
It is the fantasy that drives us all, to want to be someone else, to leave the boundaries of everyday life behind, to explore within yourself and discover new or old that leads you on a journey to the subconscious.
I am the one who takes you on the path of seduction and fantasy.
I can show you worlds that you may not yet know and cross a threshold with you. Surely I will see your male weaknesses and hidden desires. I will play with you, maybe I will have to torture you. Because often it is the pain
that opens something, that leads you to knowledge through submission and devotion to me.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance means for me the ability to take over leadership.
At the same time it also means responsibility.

What do you love about SM?
What I love about SM is the possibility to dive into a world far away from reality and to leave everything mundane behind.
SM is fantasy for me and allows me to take a journey into the subconscious and learn things about yourself that you didn't know before.

How did you get started with this job?
What has changed?
I started this job about four years ago.
I was coming out of performance dance at the time and saw this as another way to continue my stage work on a different level.
Maybe that's where my great interest in role-playing and costuming came from.
I have learned a lot since then, including about myself, and my passion for BDSM continues unabated.