Lady Giorgina

Dominance with flair


Age: 36

Favorite activities in a session:

  • Seduction & Punishment
  • Pain Play, especially Impact Play
  • slippery latex sessions
  • my clinic teaser special
  • role play with psychological depth & classic education

Current favorite toy:
These are definitely my hands! It sounds simple, but sometimes it's the simple things that make it really exciting. My fingers let me sense hidden passions and can make so many different things happen - in the hard, mean, strong or tender way.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I have a lot of strength and power - physically and mentally. I take great pleasure in using this playfully. I don't need a lot of screaming and show - I like it honest, authentic, clear and direct.

I love classic oldschool sessions with cane and flag, subs who need a strict guidance and games with a strong D/S - gradient. But equally I recognize myself in unconventional BDSM - scenarios that offer space for multifaceted development. A laugh is for me very well compatible with authentic dominance. I am attracted to scenarios that fill sides of us with pleasure, which otherwise have no place in everyday life.

I am a classic dominatrix who loves her body and knows how to use it.
This creates erotic tension I love to play with. You are not allowed to touch my body and yet you touch me because you are there - because there is this tension between us that carries the whole scene and makes me play with you and your body all the more passionately and powerfully.

What makes you stand out?
The mixture of emotinal availability and my joy in sadism.
The ability to listen well to your words and your body language.
My openness to all people regardless of gender, experience level or bizarre ideas they want to act out

What is dominance for you?
Taking control - over you and for you.
To fill our play with my ideas and creativity.
Holding the thread in my hand and then pulling it when I see fit.

What do you love about SM?
I love that BDSM understands bizarreness as pleasure, as a possibility to live out our different facets, without given norms and rules, but within the framework we set ourselves. This freedom gives us the opportunity to experience things we otherwise wouldn't, to push our limits and live out our most bizarre dreams. BDSM is non-judgmental, lustful and full of creativity, which is what makes it so appealing to me.

How to make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
I prefer to make an appointment by email or whatsapp - please write me directly your desired date, length of session and what you would like to experience.
Over the phone I am best available on my calendar days or you can write me briefly over whatsapp and we find a date for a call.
I am very happy to accept appointments outside my attendance days in the Lux calendar, but only if we plan them at least 2 days in advance - spontaneous appointments are possible on my calendar days.