Lady Constanza

Bizarr-Diva & Clinical Expert


Age: 57

Favourite activities in a session:
Medical/Clinic Scenes
Touchable Dominance
Anal Play, Stretching
Strap-on Play

Current favourite toy:
Segufix. When it comes to complete restriction, these medical restraints with magnetic fastenings are simply wonderful. There is no escape, and even the smallest wriggle is impossible. Frau Doctor has free access. Fastening the patient in Segufix is a small art in itself, and this procedure alone is a pleasure for me.

What kind of dominatrix are you? What is characteristic about you in a session?
An experienced, multifaceted active SM player, who stands by her desires. Natural, authentic, open and very warm. I am simply myself – clichéd rules (i.e. me as the reigning Diva or my counterpart as lowly Sub) no longer play a role for me. I don’t want to be confined by conventions and I enjoy playing at eye level without losing my dominance. Anything is possible, and there are no fixed rules – by mutual agreement. This is what drives me, and has given me many an unforgettable moment of kinky delight.

What is Dominance/Submission/Fetish for you?
A meaningful part of my personality. A fabulously good framework for my emotional world. A tool of creativity and imagination that makes the wonderfully versatile instruments of mind and body truly “sing”. The highest form of happiness is a life lived with a certain degree of the bizarre!

What do you love about SM?
The rejection of limiting societal barriers and preconceptions that’s a vital part SM, allowing individual characters and desires to come together in play, free of judgement. The mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation that results from such encounters. The freedom of body and soul.

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then?
I recognised my kinky instincts very early on, but only in later years discovered an opening into the profession. Now I feel I’ve truly “arrived”. And I’m glad!