Transboy Dom


Age: 33

Favorite activities in a session:

  • Gender play (e.g. masculinization/feminization/TV training/education)
  • clinic
  • mindfuck/shaming
  • sm role play (especially pet play, age play, doll play)



  • Intercourse.

Current favourite toys:
My current favourite toys are instruments such as electricity, needles, and clamps. Instruments with which I can explore and test your body. I want to see what you are willing to endure for me, how you react to my devious games, and hear your pleasurable, aroused sounds and reactions. I want to penetrate you, physically and psychologically, from the surface of your skin to your innermost being. I want to stretch you, penetrate you, bind you, scratch you, and much more.

What kind of bizarre dom are you?
I am an androgynous transmasculine person - with breasts, pussy, and hair. I am the extraordinary adventure, the special sensual experience that takes you out of your everyday life, shows you new worlds, and allows you to indulge in your most intimate fantasies and taboos without being judged. I am your inspiration, your muse, and your satisfaction. I look forward to taking you by the hand and leading you out of your routines and familiar roles into my worlds. I want to fulfil your desire to be used by me for my sexual, sadistic, and sensual needs and take you on a fantasy journey. I love to immerse myself in role play with you. From sensual, soft, or hard play to age play, consensual non-consensual play, dollification, pet play, financial domination, clinic play, impact play, service, and more - anything is possible. The desire in your eyes and on your body, your obedience and submission, are my arousal.

What defines you?
I combine the dominance, strictness, and competence of a femdom with the appearance and performance of a being from the in-between world. I am a queer person with an awareness of social power dynamics and forms of discrimination. It is important to me to handle these social power dynamics and forms of discrimination with care during our meetings and possibly even use them in an empowering way. You are in good hands with me when it comes to your pain, experiences of powerlessness, and trauma.

What does dominance/submission mean to you?
Dominance and submission are for me a game of mutual surrender and attraction. I take charge of you and guide you safely, challenge you, tease you, reward you. I responsibly control your pleasure, satisfaction, desire, and suffering. Your body and mind are the arena for our game.

What do you love about BDSM?
I love that in BDSM, fantasies can be consensually lived out that would be unthinkable outside of this space. It is diverse, limitless, beyond norms of disgust, taboos, and conventions. In a well-guided BDSM framework, there is room for your secret desires, your shame-laden preferences, and (unusual) (sexual) fantasies. SM experiences can be incredibly empowering, healing, and enriching in a lasting way.

How did you start in this profession? What has changed since then?
BDSM has always been a part of my life. BDSM is part of my personality, not something I discard. I have professionalized and continued my education for at least eight years, constantly weaving new creative strands in my mind, studying bodies, and building a palace for my dominance. I am always discovering new passions and preferences and delving deeper into what I already know.

How can one schedule an appointment with you? When are you available?
Please feel free to send me a WhatsApp message, SMS, or email with your desires, limits, specific appointment suggestions, and the desired session duration. I do not respond to phone calls.