sophisticated dominance and intelligence


Age: 45

Favourite activities during a session:
I am very open-minded, although I must say that I am particularly fond of nipple treatment. I can play that for hours...

Current favourite toy:
Electrical stimulation – in every aspect

What type of Dominator are you?
Well, I receive many requests from newcomers. I think this has to do with the fact that I don't do the whole “beating in a dirty, black painted basement” number; which can be seen in pictures: in comparison to many other male dominatrices, I take a more elegant and sophisticated approach. I believe that my slaves feel safer with me due to this. And feeling safe is important when you want to let yourself go.

What makes you unique?
I am described time and time again as remarkably empathetic and often told that I have exceedingly good communication skills. Never underestimate the meaning of verbal action! Recently, a slave claimed, “it's obvious why you've specialised yourself: it's just your thing!” That is how I know, I am on the right track.

What does dominance / submission / fetish mean to you?
Easy: Power, as well as exercising control and above all, observing how much pleasure it brings to others. I get goosebumps when I see and feel how this beautiful imbalance is crafted, through my own two hands. Also the trust that I receive, in advance as a dominator, especially gives me positive emotions. I like to keep the fetishists waiting in suspense, before I allow the reunion with their beloved. The power in this game also gets me very excited.

What do you love about SM?
For me, it isn't just important to drive my counterpart to the edge (and a tiny bit over it), but also to explore my own limitations on a daily basis. I'm rarely all about the mere, physical aspects, but rather I consider the psychological approach to be crucial. This is why my play pals are delighted that I always look them in the eyes. But of course, I am also a sadist who loves finding the pain barrier and “playing” with my power.

How it all began and what has changed since:
In my private life, I have been following my tendencies in the SM area for far longer than on the professional basis. At one point, I then moved into and shared an apartment with a dominatrix by chance. One thing lead to another and eventually everything fell into place. To this day, the female influence still affects my approach. I therefore also like to play together with female dominatrices, if the play partner has bisexual tendencies. In this regard, I can already look back on many years of experience. In comparison to a lot of others, I discipline on a steady basis and not just in-between, or according to the current living situation. You can recognise a professional and respectable dominator by the fact that he doesn't pop up with different profiles and names, only to then disappear again, into the vast depths of the internet. He values a perennial reputation.

I can also say that I have already done “everything”, that is within the legal limits. The latter, by the way, will also remain that way.
Important for all my slaves, or for those who wish to become such: You can't shock me. Open up!