Annabel Schöngott

cultivated perversion


Favourite activities in a session:

  • lusty dirty talk
  • visual & haptic teasing
  • role play & use scenarios
  • facesitting & licking games
  • creations of my body fluids

Current favourite toy:
My boobs, our skin, lust and my gag dildo.

I love getting horny on you and your body and testing where exactly my nipples feel best. But maybe I'll just let them bob back and forth in front of your wide-open eyes? You are my toy and you will get more if you do something well. Make an effort!

What kind of bizarrlady are you?
I am an emphatic player and sensitive pervert who loves to laugh and share. My sadism is playful and moves within the radius of my and your lust. I can also be mean. Break my rules and you get what you deserve. Do what I want and I reward you with everything I have.
My lust is always a mirror of yours. Unless you are at my mercy with a head mask, shackles and spread arms and legs. This inevitably turns me on and I love how this feeling inevitably spreads through me. It's a great game.

My skin meets yours. Dirty fantasies thought, spoken and maybe done. I am an absolute touch fetishist. I want to explore you. Sometimes gentle, sometimes hard, sometimes slippery, horny, a little painful or dirty.

My favourite pleasure triggers are:

  • You are at my mercy.
  • I use you.
  • It gets dirty and/or filthy.

I get very excited about beginners and the magic that every beginning holds. It's a solemn moment to put someone in bondage for the first time and I'm very happy to celebrate that with you.

What sets you apart?
My empathy. I can feel what you're feeling.
My authenticity.
My laugh.
My passion.
My voice.

What is SM for you?
SM for me means releasing and admitting my naughty perverted demons, dancing with them, having fun and loving them. Get to know them. They are wonderful.

My dominance means freedom for me. There is no condemnation. We are who we want to be and there is no need to be ashamed of anything.

What do you love about SM?
Stalling you and enjoying your excitement - that's what I love about SM. Or do I punish her? 
There are no rules here. Only mine. It makes me horny and calm at the same time. Real pleasure! What happens outside no longer counts. The world is quiet. You do what I want.

Taking what I want. You are my toy and I use you. It's just you and me and sometimes a third party. Because I love to invite someone to join us and I have wonderful favourite playmates....
In short: so many possibilities - so much fun!

BDSM also offers me a safe playground to experience boundaries, to explore myself and others and to let myself fall into new worlds of feelings. A pleasurable trip into the land of taboos. Travel with me!

How did you start with this profession? What changed since then?
When I was young I already suspected that there was something slumbering inside me. Later it became more and more obvious that there is a superpower in my lust that wants to be fed. The more this happens, the more it grows. My libido is big, real and passionate.
I then found my way into the profession with erotic massage and tantra and then tried my hand at SM. At Studio Avalon, under my first pseudonym Nora van Nostra, I was able to learn a lot and there I fell in love with sensual dirty BDSM scenarios, i.e. the bizarre sector. When the Avalon closed its doors and I had also changed visually, it was clear that I would change my name and continue my journey as Annabel Schöngott.
My experiences in Tantra and BDSM complement each other so well and I love to learn more and more and new things are added every day.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
I prefer to make an appointment via whatsapp. Write me directly your desired date, length of the session and what you would like to experience.
I can best be reached by phone during the day. If I don't answer the phone, I'm off duty or indisposed.
I always appreciate a day's notice or more. The more the better. Spontaneous appointments are rarely possible.