Intense Encounters

A room that provides an extravagant blend of cool practicality and warm comfort. When designing this space we enjoyed playing with polarities. Metal as the material for the SM-furniture forms a contrast to the elegant red wallpaper. There are warm candles, ambient curtains and plenty of romantic mirrors.

The room is not as large as the others, yet this also is its special quality. Here, it can be about closeness. Allowing closeness. Enduring closeness. A room that beginners like to use.

Not only have we dared to play with opposites when equipping the room – it also offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for play. The platform bed, for example, can be used for sensual, tantric ceremonies as well as creative immobilizations or wet games and trampling. The comfortable futon competes with the metal bed frame, in which adjustable bondage rings are embedded. The mirror directly above the bed will certainly be able to show helpless spread-eagles the full extent of their hopeless predicament.

The imagination could well run wild when using our unconventional St. Andrew’s cross, which shouldn’t really be given this name. It is more of a creative invitation to immobilization in a standing position. A wide range of accessories ensures that it won’t get boring.

The ceiling construction made of stable beams provides many different possibilities for play. Such as being hoisted up and dangled in a leather harness, for creative suspension bondage from the Shibari ring or as a grip if the Lady wants to work standing on the bed…