Studio for hire with flexible opening hours

The rooms in the dominatrix studio LUX serve primarily as a workspace for us as the three owners. However we also welcome independently working colleagues and private persons, who would like to use the wide range of possibilities, subject to fair terms and conditions.

Good to know:

For our guests
Our tenants work completely independently and are absolutely free in choosing the appointment and designing the session. Hence there are no set opening hours or shifts in our studio, during which the colleagues wait for spontaneous guests. We therefore request that you arrange your appointment directly with the lady of your choice.
However, should you love spontaneity, you can try to reach us using the studio telephone number. Maybe one of the ladies who is there by chance will have time for you. Please do not come without an appointment as you will probably find the door closed.

For our colleagues
We offer individual use of our fully equipped rooms. The clients can contact you directly. In order to rent a room, you will receive access to our online calendar and in this way you can see what is currently available and immediately make a reservation.
You are completely free in your choice of service and the frequency with which you use the rooms.
We are happy to assist you with marketing and provide you with advice from colleague to colleague.
If you have further questions or wish to reserve our rooms please send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

For private persons, seminar facilitators, photographers, producers...
We are happy to provide our rooms for enjoyable or professional use. For example you can let off steam in a lustful tête-à-tête in our titillating playgrounds, use our themed rooms for related seminars or make photo shootings with an SM backdrop.
For more details, please check here.