Rental Fees


Text Rental Fees

Flexible renting of our rooms

The focus of our price calculations lies on renting our rooms to colleagues.

The session time applies to the duration of actual play with the guest. Hence the room is actually available for longer than the pure session time, in order to enable a detailed preliminary talk, a relaxed shower and some peaceful time afterwards.

At LUX, for a one-hour session for example, the playroom can be used for twice as long. After two hours it has to be left cleaned.

In the case of private use, no final cleaning is necessary, however we charge a cleaning supplement of €20.

All SM furniture, equipment and toys are available for you to use to heart’s content. When renting a room for the first time, you will be given an introduction to the special options for use. Expendable items are also provided. Hence colleagues need not necessarily arrive with a lot of luggage, but can design their sessions using the existing equipment.

Rental Conditions

a, for private rent, photo or filming session:

1 hour session + Introduction
= 100,- €

Small Happening
2 hours session + Introduction
= 140,- €

Big Happening
3 hours sessions + Introduction
= 160,- €

4 hours session + Introduction
= 180,- €

Day rent
for elaborate photo/filming sessions or longterm play scenarios
starting from 250,- €



b, or colleagues, who have a contract with us:

Duration Session Preis
½ hour 45,- €
¾ hour 60,- €
1 hour 70,- €
1½ hour 110,- €
2 hours 130,- €
2 ½ hours 160,-€
3 hours 200,- €
Overnight 21:00 - 11:00 200,- €
Day Rent Calendar 200,- €
Day Rent 250,- €