Rental Fees


Text Rental Fees

All SM furniture, play equipment and SM toys are available and may be used to your heart's content. There is special training for the technically complex toys and also for latex use.

Before the first rental, a detailed briefing is given on the special uses of the individual rooms and on our cleaning and tidying procedures.

Rental to professionals:

The pure playing time with the guest counts as session time. However, the room is available for longer to allow for a detailed preliminary talk, a relaxed shower and a quiet afterwards. For a one-hour session, the rented room may be used twice as long. After 2 hours, the room will be cleaned and handed over to the possible subsequent users.
Since we provide all the equipment, you do not necessarily have to bring a lot of luggage.

Rental Conditions

For private rent, photo or filming session:

Please find all relevant information here:

Private Rental

For colleagues, who have a contract with us:

Duration Session Preis
½ hour 45,- €
¾ hour 60,- €
1 hour 70,- €
1½ hour 110,- €
2 hours 130,- €
2 ½ hours 160,-€
3 hours 200,- €
Overnight 21:00 - 11:00 200,- €
Day Rent Calendar 200,- €
Day Rent 250,- €