Sexwork is work!

We, the three owners of LUX, perceive our own work as dominatrixes or bizarre ladies as our profession.

Each of us has a different definition of what is political in this context. This includes discourse about the free choice of profession and further training opportunities in our line of work, the right to sexual happiness and sexual healing, as well as the creation of legal certainty for prostitution or the possibility for unrestricted, legal work for all erotic service providers.

We all agree that stigmatisation and double standards in our society makes the profession of sex worker very difficult, if not impossible for many. We use the word sex work instead of prostitution, as it covers the whole range of work in this industry. For us, all colleagues are equal, whether they work in a table dance bar or as a street prostitute, visit hotels, work as escorts, or offer themselves themselves as a slave in a dominatrix studio.

All of these are sexual services and we want them to be recognised and valued.

Our commitment is also an ode to our profession. All three of us consider ourselves to be first and foremost sex workers rather than studio operators. Despite the special role that we have as studio owners, we perceive ourselves on equal terms with all colleagues, regardless of the way they solicit, which countries and regions they have already worked in and what experience they bring with them.

We are committed to the recognition of sex work as a profession!

We are committed to fair working conditions for sexual services!

Velvet Steel and Johanna Weber are spokeswomen for the BesD e.V., the trade association for erotic and sexual services and are on the advisory board of bufas, the alliance of specialist advisory services for sex workers.

Emma Steel and Johanna Weber are active members of the association Hydra e.V, a meeting place and advisory service for prostitutes.