LUX - Space for extravagant intimacies

The Studio Lux is more than a classic dominatrix studio. It is the place in Berlin where you can find an exceptional mixture of lustful, severe, bizarre and gripping encounters. A creative place for play ranging from classic SM sessions and staged fetish scenes, tantric dominant massages and erotic bodywork, through to courses about SM techniques or the art of sexual sensuality.

We, Emma Steel, Johanna Weber and Velvet Steel, have created a location where we ourselves are able to work in our dream environment. Our dominatrix and bizarre studio is however also open to colleagues. It is very important to us that our tenants feel comfortable and are able to work under fair conditions. We promote an atmosphere of mutual esteem, in which we can learn from each other.

The dominatrix studio Lux stands for elegant ambience, sophisticated encounters without time pressure, discrete procedures and intellectual freedom.

We do away with clichés. Whether dominatrix, bizarre lady, maid, artist of desire, tantric masseur, slut, switch or slave – here is a place for passionate individualists from different circles to meet. Many of us know each other very well so we can stage wonderfully creative double and group sessions. We not only offer space for dominatrixes from Berlin but also welcome guest ladies.

The rooms in our domicile are also something special. We not only place great importance on high-quality toys and SM furniture, but also on being able to create a wide range of different moods with lighting and good sound systems. Extravagance and individuality are expressed in the design of the rooms.

In contrast to most dominatrix studios in Berlin, we do not have ladies who are constantly present or a permanent team. Lux is purely a studio for hire, where colleagues can rent a room with their clients. There are no set shifts and no compulsory attendance but instead spaces that can be used by the tenants under their own responsibility. People who value an ambience that offers privacy, for whom discretion is very important, will feel very comfortable at our studio.

The ground floor is accessible without steps and the bathroom is fitted to accommodate wheelchairs. The courtyard belonging to Lux will be transformed into a blooming garden, where outdoor sessions, protected from view, will also be possible. We are particularly looking forward to this.

On the one hand, the courses and workshops are conceived as a further training context for people working in the erotic industry, yet on the other hand many seminars are open to anyone who simply has an interest in improving their expertise and who wants to learn in a respectful environment.

Both our sessions and courses are open to all persons aged 18 and over. Deviation and diverseness on every level is a reality, which we strive to deal with sensitively – in other words come to us as who you would like to be! As a freak, a hero, a worm on the ground, a naughty boy or bad girl, a pupil, a pony that needs taming, a witch, or a well-behaved blow-up doll, a desperately horny patient, adult baby or a knowledge-hungry student.

Private persons and couples may also book our rooms for passionate play or for photo and video sessions.