All Good Things Come In Threes

We are Emma SteelVelvet Steel and Johanna Weber.

Three dominatrixes, three owners, three personalities that could not be more different. Three lifestyles, three approaches to BDSM and professional work. Opposites that entail synergies and mutual enrichment, which merge to a balanced whole in the dominatrix studio LUX.
Our repertoire includes classic dominance, bizarre (German term for erotic/sexual) and perverse journeys of the imagination, fetish scenarios, spanking and caning, erotic hypnotism, tantric massages and all kinds of roleplay.

In 2012, Johanna Weber and Emma Steel met at the Filmfest Hamburg. One of them needed somewhere to sleep while the other had a place to offer. A couple of glasses wine later it became clear that they shared a common vision. So why not open the dominatrix studio? A year later the search became more concrete. Johanna moved from the coolness of Hamburg to the dazzling SM capital Berlin, and together the two ladies roved from the building authority to viewing appointments, talks with building owners and back again. The bureaucratic jungle made up of core, mixed use and residential areas needed exploration, building owners had to be convinced, business concepts devised, and all this alongside their own freelance work and political commitment.

Breakthrough in 2015!
Suitable studio rooms were found, authorised and rented.

Not only the renovation of the dilapidated rooms but also the management of a dominatrix studio requires great time and effort. The two team players quickly realised that it would make sense to spread this load across three shoulders. Velvet Steel and Johanna had already known each other for some time through their political work for the professional Association (BesD).
So why not venture a triad?

We each look back on many years of experience in the field of professional BDSM. We have seen umpteen SM studios throughout Europe and beyond and have also worked in many of them. As freelancers, employees with set shifts or as guest ladies with different terms and conditions, we have encountered a wide range of concepts.
Alone, we were never completely satisfied anywhere.
All three of us had a common vision – our own studio:

"Creating a space in which we can work without time pressure according to our own tastes" – "a place for perverse lust for life and seminars about S&M and sensuality" – "working self determinedly in shared rooms".

We want to create a good, functioning workplace for individualists, without a ball and chain.
Self-dependence, a free space, creativity and openness are important to us – not only in our own work.

Despite our different approaches, we all place importance on high-quality sessions. Together we are fulfilling our dream of creating a space for ecstasy, good working conditions and BDSM.

We have been creating a new workshop and course venue very close by. A lot of daylight and enough space for both big and small groups.