Your mistress' secret thoughts


Part 1

I sit in the lounge and make myself a cup of tea.
Slowly I become impatient. I wonder if my guest is still coming. He is already 5 minutes late. He is about to be punished for that. Gently I hit myself with the crop in my palms. A few nice strokes on the butt and then....

The ringing of the doorbell tears me out of my fantasy. I go to the door and open.
The guest is standing in front of it, bent over, looking anxiously at the floor. "Sorry I'm late mistress," he whispers softly.
"I can't hear you," I hiss. "You'll have to speak up or I won't be able to understand your whiny apology."
I can tell he is visibly uncomfortable that he has upset his mistress. "Sorry Mistress," he says again out loud and tightens his torso.
"It won't happen again Mistress. I promise Mistress."
"Good, I hope so," I say, slightly amused, and grant my guest entrance.

Somewhat intimidated, he darts past me into the hallway. We skip the preliminary talk, because we have already exchanged our ideas and wishes in advance and I know exactly that I can let my fantasies run free. So I send him straight into the bathroom so that he can freshen up for his mistress. Which mistress wants a dirty guest.
While he is in the bathroom, I prepare the room for the session. I put my massage wand ready and get out my masturbator. Because it overcomes me the desire to let the guest lick it today. Let's see how skilful he is and whether his licking skills excite me or rather annoy me. As if in a trance, I run my fingers along the vulvalips of the masturbator and gently circle the clitoris...

Again I am torn from my fantasy. This time by the knocking of the guest. I put the masturbator next to my massage stick and smile with pleasure at the thought that the guest does not yet know what awaits him in a moment.
When I step into the bathroom, the guest is kneeling naked on the floor, as agreed. The hands behind the back and the head bent. I enjoy for a short moment this sight. "That's how I like it," I say more to myself than to my guest. "Kneeling on the floor all expectant." I walk around my guest, lightly brushing his shoulder with my hand. Quietly he kneels there, but I notice how much he is already looking forward to our session. "Your mistress has already prepared some things for you. Are you looking forward already?", I ask him testingly. His answer "Yes, Mistress." escapes him so quickly, as if he is almost bursting with joyful anticipation.

It pleases me greatly to see my guest like this and I feel like playing with his anticipation some more. "Then show me how excited you are," I say, holding my boot out to him at the same time. Without moving his arms, he leans down and starts kissing the boot. Passionately he lets his lips slide over the boot and heel, while I watch him judging. His arousal is clear to see now and I can't wait to play with it. "Stop!" I call out and immediately my guest lapses back into his starting position. But this time he doesn't keep his head bowed, but looks at me expectantly. I turn around in the direction of the exit and notice how he eagerly looks after me with every step. At the door, I turn around once more and clap my hands in invitation. "Come on!" I call to him, as if I were calling a dog, and my guest follows me dutifully on all fours....

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