Your mistress' secret thoughts. part 3


Bellatrix de Vil let's you have a glimpse

Part 3

His eyes follow me as I make my way to the shackles on the wall. My hand passes ropes, handcuffs and chains and finally stops at the wrist and ankle cuffs. I take them off the wall and turn to my excitedly waiting guest.

"Lie down." I say decisively and tap the bed in the middle of the small room. Without hesitation, my guest lies down on the bed and naturally stretches his arms and legs from himself, already expecting to be tied down. I stroke his head and praise him. "Very good toy," I say as I tie his hands to the bed. The sight of the naked man lying on the bed and giving himself completely to me triggers in me a desire for more.

I take off my high boots and climb onto the bed. I stand over him and enjoy looking down on him. I hold my foot over his face and watch as he lustfully begins to kiss and smell her. His passionate kissing excites me. I press my foot into his mouth and feel his tongue, circling my toes. As he caresses my foot obsessively, I let my eyes roam over his naked body. The sight of his stiff penis awakens my fantasies. And lost in thought, I wander my foot over his body to his crotch and begin to caress his bulging member with my foot. He moans loudly and jiggles his restraints. His reaction makes me want to rub his penis even harder and dig my toes into his scrotum. Enthusiastically, I watch him move back and forth more and more wildly, pulling on his restraints with lust. "You don't want to free yourself, do you?", I ask him with a smile that makes him understand that there is no chance to free himself. "No mistress. I wouldn't dare, mistress." He calls out to me, trying to stay still. "Then stay nice and still."

I take my boot in my hand and place it on his belly. "He better not fall off." I say threateningly, watching as he strains not to move. But his excitement is now written all over his face and his body quivers with every touch. And it only takes one touch of my foot on his penis for the shoe to shake and fall off. "If you can't manage to stay still yourself. I guess I'll have to help." And as I say this, I place one foot on his torso and finally all my weight. He groans under the weight, but also enjoys feeling his mistress on top of him.

"Thank you mistress." he moans with each step and I'm really enjoying myself.

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