Your mistress' secret thoughts. part 2


Bellatrix de Vil let's you have a glimpse

Part 2

I open the door to the room and the red light envelops us. Excitedly, the guest looks around the room and I see his face freeze for a moment when he sees the beating tools and shackles. He looks at me, startled.

"Oh yeah, we're all going to use those today," I say, noticing my anticipation. "And for every minute you were late, you'll get five strokes with a tool of my choice as punishment." Which tool I'll choose. Such a difficult decision. I take the whip from the wall and let it circle slowly in my hand. The guest stands excitedly next to me.

I push him to the floor so that he is forced to kneel down. Automatically, he puts both his hands behind his back and looks down at the floor. I let the whip slowly roam over his body. With every touch I notice how his body twitches. I stroke his shoulder reassuringly. "You don't have to be afraid of the mistress. I'm quite sweet after all. I just want to have a little fun," I whisper in his ear.

At the same time, my fingers travel down his torso and linger on his nipples. His body quivers as I pinch his nipples and a slight moan escapes his lips. "Thank you, Mistress." he whispers back to me. I move my fingers to his other breast and slowly circle his nipple. His eyes flash with desire and I can observe his lust in his gaze. As his anticipation visibly increases, so does my lust and I press my fingernails into his nipple with pleasure. "You will learn to obey your mistress today and be my toy," I say as I release myself from his chest. "Yes mistress," he moans ecstatically.

I signal him to bend forward with a wave of my hand. I slowly stroke him with my hands over his back to his ass and examine my guest from top to bottom. Once again I run over his back, but this time I stroke with my fingernails and leave long traces. Arriving at his butt, I give him a slap. The sound of my hand on his butt, pleases me so much that I can not stop. One slap follows the next until he is nice and warm patted."My hand is still the best spanking tool," I say delightedly. "But also my whip, wants to be used." The first crack of the whip on his butt echoes through the room. My guest winces and moans loudly. His moans tease me to continue.

The whip travels through the air and hits perfectly. "Keep a nice count," I urge him. "One." "Two" "Three" he moans in pain with each lash. The four is inaudible with moans. "I can't hear you.", I say teasingly and strike harder again. "Four Mistress." he cries, followed by a "Thank you Mistress." He turns his head to me and nods his thanks. "Five" "Six" "Seven" "Eight" "Nine" "Ten." The last blow hits especially hard and leaves a distinct welt. "Oh" I say pityingly as he screams out loudly. I lovingly stroke his reddened butt. He breathes a sigh of relief and thinks he has survived it. But I take away his hope of being able to relax and wink at him promisingly.

"We've only just begun."

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