You will be taken - by Lady Kat Rix


A forced bi fantasy

Martin visits me once in a while for long, fun, dirty sessions, where we dive deep into play, almost forgetting the rules of the real world. He always writes me in advance with some new ideas, challenging me to challenge him with bondage and punishment.
This time his mail ignited a real spark in my eyes- his wish was one of the best, scariest, most taboo games in the business— Forced bi.
He wishes to be made into a sexy rubber doll wearing latex from head to toe, tied down tight with his legs spread, and made to take in a real mans body part.

Many, many men have this fantasy, Martin is not alone… However so few dare to actually try it.
Enthusiastically I contacted our Parker Marx and started organising the Session. We would play for a while just Martin and I, having our usual playful fun, and then about half an hour before Parker comes in I will start preparing him, for what felt like almost a holy ritual.

Martin’s look had to be perfect, with a mask covering all of his features, a full body latex suit, gloves, luscious fake breast which peeked through the zippers of his catsuit, a tight corset, a skirt and knee high slutty shiny boots. Lying on his back facing the mirror on the ceiling, poor Martin could see his new sex doll figure and his mind started racing about what soon was about to be happening.

The more time passed the more his breathing intensified. The tension was rising. We heard the main door opening up and somebody climbing the stairs. Was that Parker arriving at the Studio? I whispered in his ear, teasing him, reminding him there is no way back. He would have to feel Parker inside of him, feel what its like to really be taken.

My hands caressed his entire body, giving him a last stroke of calm and relaxation before it was time.

Then there was a knock on the door.

Parker was wearing tight jeans and a tight black sleeveless shirt. Boy, is he handsome… He came in slowly, fully respectful of my space, my dominance.

Martin was so nervous and excited, lying helpless with his eyes covered, as the centre of our attention. Parker walked around the bed coming closer to him and exploring him with his eyes. I wanted Martin to first get used to a mans presence around him. We took the time, fully present in the tension, excitement and fear that was filling the air of the room.

After a few minutes I climbed on top of Martins face,

exposing myself directly above his now uncovered eyes….. He would be forced to watch, smell and hear how Parker and I do it, 2 centimetres away from his face…. Parker’s instrument is a piece of beauty, and I was thoroughly enjoying making Martin crazy underneath us. Soon it would be his turn to feel this big, hard beauty slowly entering his body.

I signalled Parker that it was time. Still fully clothed, only his d*** was charged and ready for action, he positioned himself between Martins legs.

At this delicate moment I wanted to be as close to Martin as I could, it was important that he feels safe. My femininity and care for him would be the solid ground, on which any scary fantasy could be experimented with.

I was exchanging looks with both Parker and Martin, mediating the communication. I decide how slow or fast, how deep and hard.

The fear in the air turned into wild ecstasy.

I had so much fun, kissing both men and stroking Martin, controlling his desire so precisely with my hand. Every second was getting more charged, more intense…. I know exactly how to touch him, so that this moment feels like it will last forever, playing on the edge- almost there, but then…. No, your not allowed yet.


Author: Kat Rix

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