An erotic strength competition

When I started at Studio LUX, I didn't expect that a whole new playground would open up for me, which is: wrestling matches!
And by that I mean the kind of fights that are about an authentic, respectful test of strength, not about dominant show wrestling.

Rough but with rules

I have several years of martial arts experience, but wrestling is different. It’s more compulsive, more intuitive and less focused on technique, but most of all it stands out because of the very close physical contact. When the sweat slowly comes out of the pores during the session and the bodies slide over each other, when the makeup and hair get messed up...these are exactly the ambitious matches that I like. Of course, there are a few agreements, rules and techniques, because no one should be seriously hurt. However, it’s also nice to feel your own body intense the next day. Sometimes the soreness is quite noticeable and can be compared to the traces that a sub proudly carries around after a successful session.
It’s a great feeling when a rush of happiness hormones kicks in during the fight. This is comparable to good sex. I am often told that I get a very specific expression on my face, a predatory smile. There's something very animalistic, but also playful about pouncing on each other like that.
A wrestling session can result in a happy ending or not. The erotic attraction is not necessarily to experience an orgasm. But to feel yourself physically very intense and also the power of the counterpart. I don't always allow as much physical contact in classic BDSM sessions, as in fighting.

Including role play

It’s of course inappropriate to live certain fantasies at the sports club. For such moments there is LUX, or me as your private trainer. I also like to incorporate the whole thing into a role play. For example, as a sports teacher who orders her student to the gym for a special extra workout.
I like to wear sexy sporty lingerie or a bikini, which I slowly get rid of, during the fight. Maybe my tight panties slip to the side in the heat of the moment and you can catch a glimpse of what's underneath. You may have to perform a task that I determine with each point I get. You have to take off one of your few pieces of clothing each time after I pin you to the mat. Of course, it can also happen that I have to accept defeat and you have a wish free. Or maybe it's not about winning and losing at all? Instead, you just want to feel the power of a woman...

After the session you stand under the shower of the locker room. Exhausted but euphoric and let the hot water run down your sweaty body. You still have the images of your trainer very clearly in your head and the feeling of their warm thighs that close around your body to start the leg scissors.....

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