When “forced” bi doesn't seem forced anymore


A surprise guest

A surprise guest

The bell rang and Kat Rix and I smiled at each other. “He's here!”
We saw Stefan a few months ago and had a lot of fun using him to fulfill our every desire.
This time he had come to us with a special request. Tonight was the night he wanted to lose his virginity.

“Forced bi” is a very common fantasy for those that have never experienced what it is like to be with a man. Often the desire is there, but one doesn't know how to fulfill it, how to approach a man or what to do to pleasure him. There is nothing like the anticipation of the first time, not knowing exactly how it will happen. How it will be in reality compared to how it has happened in fantasies. What better way than being guided by two women?

He was nervous and we told him that nothing needed to happen that he wasn't ready for but he quickly reassured us that he had been preparing himself both mentally and physically for what would come.

We began by having him take off his clothes. We wanted to use him for our pleasure first. There were a few “procedures” we wanted to do to see if he was ready. We had to inspect his body both inside and out, test his willingness to take things in his mouth and see if he was relaxed enough to be taken from behind. When we were happy with him, we led him to another room where our surprise guest was waiting. We opened the door and found him sitting in a chair, a large bulge already showing through the fabric of his pants. Kat and I looked at each other - if it already looks this big, what will we find when we unzip his pants? We could feel Stefan's nervousness - he had told us that he was ours completely and we knew exactly how to guide him in this adventure.

“Kneel in front of him and ask him what he wants.” we whispered in his ear. He knelt in front of our guest and slowly unzipped his pants. His member sprang to life and we watched as Stefan eagerly took it in his mouth. We were there whispering instructions in his ears, caressing every part of his body. Our visitor raised one eyebrow, impressed with our sweet little virgin. Desire seemed to take over where experience was lacking and none of us could believe this was his first time.

We took him over to the bed and fixed his hungry hands with cuffs. We wanted the only wandering hands to be ours. Glancing up at the mirror on the ceiling offered a glimpse one doesn't get to see every day. Stefan didn't know where to look - up at the mirror to see himself flanked on both sides by two women in lingerie playing with his body or at the sexy man and his hardness slowing approaching the bed, lust in his eyes.

Suddenly, the term “forced bi” didn't seem so forced anymore...


author: Lady Vyra

besides: Kat Rix

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