Wanna be my doll?


An invitation to the playroom of Transboy Dom Jamie

People with this BDSM kink derive their satisfaction from giving up their self-determination completely or – like me – dominating dollificated people.
Dollfication plays imply getting to know each other in a whole new way.

I am a passionate "doll maker" and I will now share some of my experiences with you.
Each dollification play date can start differently. One of my starts is that my brand new doll is lying in a box on my floor, ready to be unwrapped by me. I love these moments when I open the box and look at the passive blank face of my doll staring motionless into nothing. What an exciting moment for both of us.
This tingling in my stomach when a new toy has arrived is eager to be used by me. After examining my doll extensively, I continue with dressing it up, putting make-up on, brushing and styling their hair or wig. Depending on the setup or the arrangement between the doll and the doll maker, the doll can show different levels of passivity.

The doll maker can also be a puppeteer, attaching stings to the body parts of the dolls. One option is that the doll does not have any functions at the beginning, thus it neither can sit, talk, walk nor anything. I am the doll maker and I enjoy the power of implementing different “buttons” on my doll enable it to certain skills when I push them. One way to implement the functions or abilities can be with saying out loud “When I push this part on your body / this sticker on your body/ ... you will sit down”. Or “When I push this part on your body / this sticker on your body/ ... you will say ‘I love you, Jamie!’”. Functions/ abilities can be sexual but they don’t have to be. It all depends on the agreements between the doll and the doll maker before the play.

"Playing" with the doll can mean many things – from making your doll serve you, making your doll say things the doll maker wants to hear, treating the doll with needles/ wax/ impact play toys, being treated by the doll with needles/ wax/ impact play toys, humiliating the doll verbally, being humiliated by the doll verbally, caressing the doll, being caressed by the doll, etc. It becomes obvious that on the one hand there are all kinds if links between the dollification kink and other kinks (like consensual non-consensual plays, bondage, age play, pet play, impact play, ...) and on the other hand the borders between active and passive, dom and sub can be very fluent. I love this unique connection and bond between my dolls and me that is established when I talk to them, dress them, play with them. And I dream of a whole room full of dolls.

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