Training or training?


Whore training, baby training, servant training

Whore training, baby training, servant training

Adult Baby Whore Taining

'Mistress Emma Steel, I need training!'
Sure you do. But what kind of training...?
In German we talk about „classical English education“ and what we mean by that is corporal punishment, spanking, caning and very strict and firm handling of the disciple.
It is known that this kind of training is one of my favourites, and my canes never get much of a break.
However there are other ways to shape my subordinates...

Whore training

You are on stage, in the dirt.
Holding on to the pole.
Everone is watching you.
Watching your legs, in stockings, on very high heels.
Watching your glittery dress that shows more than it covers.
Watching your ass.
You smell sweat, lube, cheap perfume, poppers.
Your Mistress has sent you off to earn money.
You hear the first beats of the song she chose for you.
You remember what she said: You will do it for me.
And you dance.
Before I am ready to discuss this phantasy and its links to reality with you you will go through hard training.
I will revel in watching you walk on high heels through the steel room of Dominastudio LUX in cheap rags or elegant costumes. You will walk and walk until I am pleased with the way you move your hips and shake your ass, your ass that has alredy seen its very own training programme.
I will watch you closely. Test you. Punish you. Praise you. Subordinate you.
I will know you inside and out.
I will design a training programme for you that has only one goal: my profit.
A whore has to have a lot of skills- certain refined tecniques that we will practise again and again, communication and negotiation methods, dancing, psychology, body language, self-defence...
Should you prove to be talented I will show you off to my friends. Step by step on high heels you will learn to adapt to the harsh reality away from my realms of care.
Brace yourself for  lewd glances, harsh critiscism, shrill laughter.

Baby training

You are lying on your back, on the little fur carpet, powdered, in diapers. Your sensory perception is directed towards your mouth right now. You are sucking on your soother enjoying that very special taste that reminds you of something... what was it?
You are falling asleep, dreaming of me and you on the playground. I am towering over you, tossing the colourful ball. You want to catch it, watching my long legs, trying to get a glimpse under my skirt... and you fall over onto your diapered bottom. Ooops you have soiled your nappy! Startled you awake from your dream.
Will the evil auntie punish you? Scream at you? Spank your naked behind? Will she threaten to sell you to the witch in the forest?
Or will the kind baby sitter show up and soothe you, change your diapers, teach you new games?
What the heck is she talking about „anti authoritarian education“ grinning like that?
And why is the evil auntie supervising her so strictly?

Servant training

'Only by serving the servant honors his Lady'

Serving me means being ready to lose control. To let go. To not prearrange anything. To merge into fulfilling my desires.
Routine and procedures that never change bore me endlessly. Every single service session will look different. However each time I will test you: do you want to serve me? Or is all you want your own pleasure? Having your own pleasure in mind is fine- just do not call it serving. Unless you belong to the rare species that finds enjoyment only in satisfying me.


Author: Lady Emma Steel

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