The Plumber Transformation


How the toilet got replaced...

Udo drove to the specified address. He rang the bell and was directed into the second rear courtyard. The door opened and in front of him was a woman with short hair, a leather top, short miniskirt and long over-knees, also in leather. Apart from the friendly expression, everything was just as he had imagined a dominatrix to be. Udo looked up, then down and up and down several times. His arousal at this erotic sight probably hardly went unnoticed. “I’d like to speak to Ms Weber” he stuttered, without looking up at the lady’s face. He was already too much in awe of this wonderful personality. “Here in person. Who are you then?” asked the lady. “I’m the plumber”. “Ah, yes, please come with me.” Udo followed her into the bathroom. “Here is the problem” declared Ms Weber, “It won’t flush and he haven’t been able to use the toilet for several hours”. While he looked at the lady questioningly, she came slowly towards him – he could clearly hear the clacking of her heels – and stood right in front of him. Now he could see into her wonderfully erotic eyes that looked at him assertively. “Get to work. It’s urgent!”

He quickly got to work. Watched mistrustfully by the lady leaning contentedly against the bathroom wall. Her presence aroused him but also made him nervous. The thought of being allowed to show reverence to her surpassed his boldest fantasies.

But – horror of horrors – he could not finish the repair work because a spare part had to be ordered. When he tried to explain the problem the lady did not seem pleased. After all, she had commissioned the company in order to ensure she had a functioning WC and not to listen to lame excuses. Since he had come to work so ill-prepared he should at least answer for it.

Before he realized what was happening, he was already handcuffed. Suddenly a second lady was standing next to him, also dominant and erotically dressed. She pulled his head back by his hair and he felt her push a gag into his mouth and fix it behind his head. There was a hole in the gag.

He was quickly forced to the ground by the two graces. His head restrained between Ms Weber’s high boots. He had no chance to escape. One lady held his feet and the other stood above his head and reached for a funnel…

... what she then did with the funnel and how she finally managed to relieve herself will be left unmentioned.

We will also leave it open whether or not other colleagues also relieved themselves on the improvised WC. Suffice it to say, Udo was not allowed to leave the studio in a hurry…and the ladies had seldom had so much fun in the bathroom.

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