The greedy amazons and the first male in ages


The joys of matriarchy


He was quite a sexist and a wanker as well. The fact that he was alone taking the poorly signed hiking trail in the northern Andes was the result of a little chain of coincidences: Just two days ago he had got so drunk that he actually felt sick and wanted, as was his custom in situations like this, to make up for the drinking orgy with a sporting activity. The hiking-pill on the other hand had to be sugared by some erotic diversion in the bushes and so he called the boss of his favourite escort agency. Any girl with “reasonable” breasts (Señora Estefania knew his taste already) should accompany him. But just as he was about to commence his hike and was only waiting for the girl he got a call from Estefania telling him that “charismatic Cara” was sick and due to a carnival] there was no substitute available. So he walked on his own because he had committed to the plan and also hated carnival. (It was certainly a slightly lengthy chain of coincidences that led up to the following).

High up on the old Inca road he tripped. The after effects of the drinking obviously, he first told himself without worrying, when suddenly the canyon that he had just been wandering seemed to rise up to meet him with racing speed! Then everything pivoted and he lost his consciousness as the hard surface broke his fall.

When he reawoke he was surrounded by a whole tribe of amazons. Strong women with lances in their hands who looked him up and down. His head was exactly on level with their intimate parts, which he noticed at once of course, and for a moment he burst out laughing because the girls were wet, really wet. Even from one and a half metres away he could see the bright threads of their liquid dripping to the ground and on their sturdy thighs. They were obviously cock-starved sluts and lusted for him!
Then, when he wanted to move towards one especially promising vulva (as if they were not all especially promising in their apparent arousal) he noticed that he couldn’t move at all. They had tied him up with liana. Completely motionless he had to endure not only their excitement but also their laughs about his helplessness and their debating about him (this is how he interpreted the strange words).

This was not good. He felt that something was in the air that for him, as the first male in this amazon territory for many, many months could not be good. How restlessly they were thrusting their lances into the ground and making gestures with their feet as if they wanted to stamp out a cigarette!

His hands were tied closely to his body. Panicking he tried to loosen the liana, but they were bound tightly and wouldn’t soften. In his fight he felt something solid in his back pocket. Oh, right, he still had a cork screw that he had wanted to return to a friend! With sufficient time and if he was left unwatched he should be able to free himself with it… There still was hope. If only he got an opportunity to make use of the tool…

Sweating from fear he directed his eyes upwards to the excited faces of the amazons. There was no compassion to be expected. And he looked further up to the ends of their lances. He narrowed his eyes to a slit and saw what was attached to the lances.

He saw big, small, curved, straight, thick, thin and simply monstrous dildos.

And now he finally realized that he would probably get out of here alive but would never be able to save his arse.



Author: Guestlady Fräulein Eder

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