The butler with special skills


How the mouth dildo came into play

It was a cold and stormy night. How did I end up in the king-sized bed, passionately intertwined with VyraVivien and the butler?

"I love beautiful lingerie, lace, fine fabrics, stockings-and-suspenders, negligees...".
This was the list of preferences sent by our candidate. That was the perfect match for us–we were looking for a butler with style and a 'special something' to help us at our dinner parties. Serving eight beautiful ladies at once is not an easy task and our dinner parties can sometimes get quite wild as the evening progresses.

"You answer the door, Juliette," said Vyra. "I hope he is what we are looking for." As soon as I greeted our applicant at the door, I had a feeling he could be the right one. He was elegantly dressed, wearing a shirt of lovely fabric, buttoned up to the neck, and dark wool trousers. He was also charming and courteous, and although he was visibly nervous his smile had something mischievous about it. That was a good thing. We wanted a butler with a bit of spark in him.

I blindfolded him and led him up to the salon. Vyra and Vivien had set the table. The food looked delicious. The champagne was ready. They both looked enchanting. They were already thinking about how best to test our candidate's abilities. "We should test his stamina, Vyra said. "His receptive skills are also very important," I added, and we all laughed. Vivienne emphasized that a passionate and versatile nature was a must. At our naughty “ladies only” soirees, we wanted to make sure that each of the invited guests would go home feeling fulfilled.

It was very hot in the room and there was a buzz in the air as I fixed Michael's hands to a ring above him–ready for the inspection. We looked him up and down and when our gaze fell on the gap between his trouser legs and shoes, we spotted a piece of silky stocking instead of the expected cotton socks.

What a wonderful surprise! "And I thought he meant our beautiful legs in stockings when he wrote about his preferences," laughed Vivienne, while her hands slid under my dress to feel my garter belt and stockings.

"So, what’s your name?" Vyra asked our candidate. "My name is Michael but I am happy to answer to Michaela" he replied, as I unbuttoned his shirt.

Three ladies, six hands: Together we could easily assess his whole body–very thoroughly.

We were quite satisfied with this first examination. Under the elegant shirt we felt lace lingerie, a garter belt, silky stockings. We took our time with the examination, caressing and kissing each other and having a lot of fun. Vyra had already discovered something hard in Michaela’s lacy slip. "Something for you later, Juliette," she whispered and winked at me.

By now, we were really in the mood. Playful and very aroused, we decided to test Michaela's abilities with the help of Vyra's new sex toy. I had often seen mouth dildos but had never really understood their allure. But Vyra had discovered a new model: Soft leather, a red gag on one side. On the other side it was possible to insert different dildos instead of having to make do with a fixed dildo. I liked that. I was sure that the ladies invited to our dinner party would also like this flexible feature.

Our guest was already kneeling on all fours, blindfolded, still oblivious to the task ahead of him. Vyra fixed the mouth dildo over his face and made herself comfortable in the large armchair, legs wide open, a glass of champagne in her hand. Our candidate’s task was to find the right place with the mouth dildo while blindfolded. Vivienne laughingly assisted and when the dildo finally slipped into the right place, Vyra moaned lustfully.

"That looks really sexy! I want to try it next, cried Vivienne. When I saw the effort Michaela put in, I sensed we had already chosen out butler. Despite this, it would be a lot of fun to keep testing Michaela's other abilities during the long evening. I took another sip of champagne, watched the hot scene for a while and then went to join them–perhaps Michaela could use a little support from behind ...


author: Miss Juliette

besides: Lady Vyra and Vivien Fox

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