So... What is a Dominant Massage?


What should I expect?...

What should I expect?...

If you’re not sure what a Dominant Massage is, then you’re not the only one to wonder. The problem is, like all other kinds of BDSM and kinky play, it’s very hard to give you an accurate, all encompassing description, since like those kinds of play it’s very unique to the masseuse and the individual receiving the massage.

I believe I can tell you a little more about what to expect from a Dominant Massage, as I have now led a few workshops on the subject, both for my colleagues with experience in erotic massage and BDSM, as well as to kink-interested members of the public interested in learning new skills and ways to connect with their lovers.

It’s important to remember your opportunity to communicate your interests and limits will arise much before the massage itself, likely before you’ve even met with your Dominant masseuse. The more information you give, the more tailored to your desires it will be…

Lie down & receive…

These experiences will differ for all involved, but the minimum you should expect to get is some massage! Perhaps that would look like a sensual and soft flow of skin on skin, warm oil lubricating your body, and strong fingers working their way up and down your back, your arms, and your legs. Perhaps, as I like to do, lingering between the legs for a while in those places that you really feel your blood rushing to. Did you ask for some light pain play? You must have as you feel the scratch of fingernails running down your neck to the base of your spine, creating a tingling sensation in your body. You can feel the warmth and weight of another body laying on you, and jump a little at the soft biting on your earlobes, maybe the gripping tight of your nipples.

You may enjoy the sensations of various tools and toys designed to arouse and engage you - from the soft and gentle tickle of a feather on the backs of your knees, to the sharp spikes of a pinwheel dancing along your hips, to the thud and sting of a deliberately wicked hit with a whip or flogger. You’ll ask yourself - ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ - when you were the one who indicated you would love to play with some bondage. Now you lie there, with your ankles in cuffs, or your arms tied up with rope, unable to escape the relentless teasing and pleasure you are subjected to. The gentle touching and stroking of the skin that has you relaxing, is contrasted with these moments of pain, or pleasure, of almost-overwhelm. You feel like you are riding the waves on the ocean, and learning to enjoy how it can be to give over your power and submit.

The Happy Ending.

Could it be as simple as that? Or will you be edged to within an inch of your limits again and again? Will you be subjected to the toys that vibrate, pulsate, and drive you absolutely wild? If you’ve asked nicely, you could hear your wildest filthiest fantasies whispered in your ear, dirty talk filling your mind with another level of ecstasy. Being laughed at, or sweetly praised for being such a good little massage sub - what will you choose?

So many options... So much room for pleasure, fun and creative ways to bring kink and massage together. You can see why people love it, why beginners find their way into the world of BDSM by stepping their toes into the world this way, and why seasoned kinksters embrace a new way to play. So, what do you think YOUR Dominant Massage will look like?

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