Ready for the Whip?


What happened during a session with Lady Velvet Steel

Report by Sub X

The sound of stiletto boot heels echoed around the room as Lady Velvet Steel circled me as if to inspect her prey.

A swoosh and a crack of the whip, once.... twice.... three times - as the Mistress rhythmically practiced her stroke.

As a starter I had already been spanked and flogged but now it was time for the main course of the bullwhip.

Cuffs attached me to the bondage frame in the Steel Room of Studio Lux. Hooded, stretched and spreadeagled - I glimpsed a reflection of myself struggling against the leather and chains but I wasn't going anywhere fast.

"Naked and vulnerable, just how I like you" commented Lady Velvet matter of factly as she chuckled to herself. I grunted through my ball gag in agreement as the drool filled my mouth and began to drip down my chin.

I was helpless and at her mercy, we both knew that. It was what I craved. It was why I was here in Berlin.

Lady Velvet traced her finger down the curvature of my spine, fingers exploring the welts that were already beginning to rise. With one hand she tweaked and pinched my already tender nipples, as if in contemplation. Then with the other she reached through my legs, cupped my balls and squeezed gently, smiling to herself.

My breathing quickened and my cock hardened as she leaned in and whispered menacingly in my ear "are you ready for me slave?"


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