Playing doctor the other way round


How the urologist become a trainings object for the Dominatrix


Constantly these doctor role games feature helpless and sexually exploited male patients. As if there were no male doctors with needs…
“Good day, doctor!”
“Good day – Ms. Eder? I expected a man.” Sure, after all he is a urologist. But I’m not here by accident.
I smile and openly look him up and down, this male in the white coat sitting behind his desk. “Yes, you probably deal with men usually. But well, I’m a woman. I came with a special request and hopefully you can be of help.”
He looks at me with curiosity. Something like this promises to be a diversion from the physician’s everyday practice. “And what sort of request is this?”
I take a seat opposite him and place my arms on the armrests a bit pretentiously. “I require a professional discussion. Look, I’m a dominatrix. You know. I actually whip and punish. But nowadays my craft has broadened it’s range of activities significantly. Almost daily I shove items into male orifices. I operate here and there with fingers or electricity and I bring saline solution into play in order to achieve full results. But lately I notice that I don’t get as far in the treatment of my clients as I would like to get. This is where you come in. Would you be prepared to give me feedback about what I do to my clients using your professional expertise?”
In reality I told the doctor with very different words about what happens to my “clients” in the sessions! But these words are too naughty to be published here and you can undoubtedly imagine what kind of images came to life in his head, making him squirm in his chair more and more with every word.
I actually find it really cute how he tries to conceal his emerging interest!
Now he nods. “Yes, since you are already here we can have a talk like that. What are your questions?”
I lean forward and give him a broad smile that must appear a bit ‘hungry’. “Let us go through my questions in practical application. I will treat you as I would treat a client and you will give me feedback and tell me how I could improve my actions.”
I can see that he is excited. Tough that I can’t see his lap behind the desk, as the bulge is written in his face.
“We can’t do that” he says hesitantly. “You wanted a professional discussion but you can’t – ‘treat’ me intimately in my practice now.”
How half-hearted his resistance is. I pile the pressure. “Doctor, I have just paid 120 euros to your receptionist for a private consultation and you agreed to help me with my concern. I say you must earn the money, so get your pants down now!”
He squirms on his chair like a little teenage boy. How good that I chose this urologist.
“Come on, we don’t have forever! I want you on your examination couch in one minute, naked from the waist down and your tucked legs up. You can keep the coat, that emphasizes so charmingly your professional authority.”
He clenches his teeth. Clearly there are wild thoughts in his head now preventing him from being annoyed by my little tease.
“Well, if it is for the further development of your craft…” he acts very jovially while he actually removes his shoes and trousers and sits on the couch.
“Where do I find the examination gloves and anything else I will need?” I ask matter-of-factly.
“Behind you on the left in the cupboard. In the drawer underneath you’ll find… further equipment.”
“Then lay down and spread your legs!”
I equip myself with one of the gloves and take the bottle of medical lube with me to the doctor. “You like my doctor games, it seems to me” I whisper teasingly and gently touch the severe swelling in his genital area.
Before I really start I reach into my purse and lay out a gag and a few nicely knotted ropes next to his head. “Later I want to learn things about possible pleasure to be gained beyond the pain level. Then it might be helpful for you if I prevent you from fleeing into the waiting area half-naked or screaming loudly. Relax, doctor…”



Author: Fräulein Eder

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