Mistress of the machine


At the flip of the switch, I control you

He was completely covered in black latex. Only his intimate parts were visible, exposed between his strapped up, spread apart legs, as he was restrained in the Red Salon at Studio Lux. The modern bondage device to which he was bound is a brilliant tool, made up from simple adjustable elements that render a man completely and comfortably helpless.

I explained him that he was about to get stimulated for the next 60 minutes.

He cannot escape this situation, it must be done. His assignment is to signal me when he is about to reach climax, and I will decide whether or not he is permitted to do so. If and when he is allowed to, I will decide how it will be done by adjusting the speed and intensity of the stimulation. I could ruin his climax easily, make it short or long. Reaching a climax without my permission would be a very bad choice, I explained, since the stimulation will not stop until the full hour is over, up to the last minute.

I had three machines to assist me in this fun game: the Fleshlight, a soft, skin-like textured orifice connected to a machine that makes a back and forth movement. The second one was the milking machine, which simulated a sucking like sensation, with adjustable speed and intensity. And the third, of course, the electro-stimulating machine- just to give our game another, interesting dimension, or in case I need to suddenly punish my play boy.

His tightly packed body was strapped to the restraining device with a leather belt. Each one of the three devices has a control knob, so I can adjust the speed and intensity. I took a moment to organise those controllers, attaching them to the belt around his waist so that I could easily turn up each dial and cause him pleasure or pain with the easiest of touch. He was hooked up to the electricity, all the devices were properly moist and the game began…

I made his piece hard with my hands and placed it inside the artificial orifice, increasing the speed bit by bit. Our faces were almost close enough to touch, and I was staring straight at him, enjoying his reactions… Most of the time, it seemed, he was not sure what to feel, and his expression oscillated between unbearable pleasure and embraced, helpless surrender. I saw him twist and tense and relax in his bondage, giving in to his situation because there was really no other choice! Looking directly at him the entire time, I notice when his breath changes and he is getting closer… I wait until its almost too late, and then with a quick turn of the knob the stimulation suddenly stops, just in the nick of time.

His eyes are closed, and his body is tense at that moment. I allow the next few seconds for the excitement to come down, for the breath to catch up and the consciousness to come back through his eyes. When its time again he will notice my mischievous smile and know, that my fingers are reaching out for that knob….

He will soon feel the pull of my milking machine,

hear the air-compressor increasing its speed, and know, that the control is all mine. He is so hoping I will allow it this time, craving that release, after a long build-up of sensual excitement. Only I decide, however, when this game is over.


Author: Kat Rix


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