You are the expert for sure, but try giving up control for a change...

Create a relaxing atmosphere in the room and put on George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” (if you don’t have it in your cd-rack, you’ll find it on youtube).

Touch yourself, masturbate, be hot and aroused – and stop. Start again. The music lasts more than 15 minutes. That’s a long time. Use it to get lost in your arousal. Let the music carry you. Make up a little masturbation fantasy that you can tell me about.

Let the arousal go higher and higher before you break off. I want in the end for you to break off when it is almost unbearable to break off.

When you are right at the edge of the vortex, right before it overcomes you, take your hands away – then spread your legs. Really wide. I want you to make yourself open and defenceless before you caress yourself again. Determined and obedient.

Use your other hand to touch your most sensitive spots. Subject yourself to my gaze widely, openly and accessibly. I let my eyes wander over you in these kind of situations, invading your body with them, pressing into your soft skin and observing your orifices.

Let yourself be washed up again, to where the waves would smash over you so deliciously if you dont take off your hands of your hot flesh. Maybe you have to put your legs together in order to get so close to the breaking waves – do it!

Isn’t the music over yet? You must have been looking forward to this quite a lot already! Be a bit less nice to yourself now. You need that now. Keep masturbating and grab your flesh with the fingers of your other hand. Dig into your chest muscle, into your belly just above the fringe of pubic hair, your inner thigh, between your legs. Use a firm grip, pull and pinch your skin and dance with the lustful pain. Climb high again, what are you waiting for?! Feel the clenching together, the lustful pushing, the necessity, get really close to the zenith – I love looking into your eyes at such a moment.

You may not come!


Author: Guestlady Fräulein Eder

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