Hypnosis Session and Latex Fetish


Trance in Rubber

To be blindfolded

Hypnosis is inducing a temporary change of consciousness.
I use erotic hypnosis to enhance what is already going on for my counterpart. Submission, devotion, consensual subjection, lust for pain, service, or just horniness. Or indulgence of rubber! Latex addiction! Intoxication of fetish!

And I also use this amazing instrument, BDSM hypnosis, to manipulate you.

You have been under my spell, definitely since I have put you into trance, probably even before that. You have been listening to my voice for quite a while. How long? You have no idea. Any sense of time is gone. Every word of mine is sinking deep into what is left of your active intellect. Nothing else matters. I have been talking about you, and your breath, and what has happened to your body.
Now I am talking about the way latex smells. And feels like. And looks. Looks on me. Your lust is growing. You can already feel what it will be like soon, when I dress you, from head to toe, including masks.
You can already see it- our image in the mirror, me in my shining outfit, a latex Goddess, and you, kneeling in front of me, a rubber creature.

Earlier you were nervous when we talked about post hypnotic triggers, now you are full of calmness, and serenity, and devotion. And Longing.
Your trust has to do with me of course, my expertise, our connection, but it is yours. You offer it to me. You give it to me.
You are safe, here, with me.

Let's go...



Author: Lady Emma Steel

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