Family Ties


Hot brother/sister role play

I tied the bow of my silky, new school blouse and pouted at myself one last time in the mirror.
“Are Mom and Dad already gone?”
I asked my brother as I walked through the door and saw him sitting alone in the living room.
“Sit down. I want to talk to you about something.” He said, narrowing his eyes and looking at me mischievously. He knows I have been sneaking out in the middle of the night to meet my new boyfriend. He had clearly been spying on me because he knows all of the hot details. And now he wants to tell our parents about it.
He is my younger brother. You know how they are, always scheming to get the upper hand.

I might only be a few years older than him, but I'm quite experienced for my age.

I could probably teach him a thing or two!

I was sure there was something I could dig up to hold against him so that he wouldn't tell our parents. And I knew exactly how to do it. I tied his arms behind his back and firmly laced his legs together so that there was no way he could escape. Then I made him tell me all of his secret fantasies - I definitely have my ways of getting that out of him. As it turns out, he is not the perfect little son that my parents think he is. Our parents would never imagine that their son loves to put on my stockings and lipstick.

So I untied him and forced him to put on my panties and bra. How hungrily he took my strap-on into his mouth. That was exactly what he wanted, the little slut. My parents would be shocked if they knew how eagerly he lay beneath me as I let my warm juices flow onto his body. He moaned as if he had been dreaming about that for years. And when I turned my back for one second, the little brat tried to reach up and sniff my panties. What a pervert.
“So, you like the way those smell?” I said, pushing him back down to the ground. “I think I'll just sit on your face then. That should shut you up for a while.”


writer: Lady Vyra

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