Dirty Talk Magic


Thoughts from Violet Beau

Dirty talk has long been a part of sexual relationships, but it is oftentimes misunderstood, seen as something taboo, or ignored altogether. Dirty talk can be incredibly powerful. It is both a physical and emotional experience, one that often involves a great deal of trust and vulnerability. It can add to the physical experience by providing a powerful aphrodisiac and can also lead to heightened experiences of pleasure and arousal. On the emotional side, it can lead to deeper feelings of trust and connection, helping partners to open up and be more honest about their desires. This is especially true for those who are new to the concept, as there can be a lot of anxiety and fear involved, either from a lack of experience or from a fear of being judged.

Dirty talk provides a wonderful opportunity for folks to learn more about each other’s desires. In addition to being fun and exciting, these workshops can help lovers understand each other better and communicate their needs more clearly. This is why I call my workshops Magic. I believe that we hold so much power in the words that we say to ourselves and each other.

If a love in your life asked you what you would like to hear — would you have an answer immediately?

Knowing ourselves in these spaces is important. Some people discover during my workshops that verbally expressing themselves takes them out of their physical body in an unpleasant way. They might find that they prefer to moan, growl, purr and non-verbally express their desire and pleasure.

Once you know where you are at and what your listener would like to hear you can start to take them on a journey. A relaxing and sensual scene might start on a warm beach with a gentle breeze. Using the senses you could describe the smell of the sun cream in the air. The soft sound of waves in the distance and the seagulls flying overhead. The feeling of sand between your toes and the perfect temperature sun kissing your skin.

How I speak is very important to how you will experience my words. Giving instructions in an assertive tone while projecting my voice is going to feel very different from whispering and breathing sweet compliments. Consider the feedback that you see and hear from the listener as you speak. Facial expressions and bodily movements will give off clues.

Coming along to a workshop, taking a course or reading a book are great ways to gather information about the subject. In reality however, practice will be most helpful. I suggest reaching out to someone to ask them on a Dirty Talk Date. Setting the intention together is a good way to practise together. Sitting in a bath together while you try whispering scenarios in the candle light. Using a blindfold and massage oil to help your partner relax into a sensual mood after work could be a beautiful start to opening up your voices together. Maybe a long car journey coming up would be a great time to try out some scenarios and sounds.

Much love from your Dirty Talk Witch

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