Action Week Foot Erotic April 25th - 30st


1h foot dream for a special price

We had a lot of fun with the first action week in March (and so did you!), and now we're going into the second round.
Are you enchanted by beautiful feet and want to give yourself over completely to the scent and caress? We enjoy devoted foot servants.

Your fingertips explore, your nose between your toes, your lips gently enclose the tips? Show us how serious you are.
The pressure of bare feet on the soft parts of your body makes you temporarily hard just thinking about it? We can help you quickly and competently.

Come to our foot erotic action week - from 24 to 30 April you can apply for the limited places.

And this is how it works with your application for an appointment:

You send an email to and name the date you would like to come during the action week. One of the participating team members will then select you and contact you. Then you can get started. If a special is also offered by our men, you can explicitly select which gender the person should have.

The best thing about the action week? Our team, of course, and the opportunity to try out new things. The second best thing is the price: the hour costs only 230,-€.

But beware: the dates are limited and when they are all full, there are no more. It's best to sign up now.

The date must be during the promotion week in order to benefit from the promotion price.
You don't have a choice of person, but you can choose the gender.
We choose you. So make an effort with your cover letter :)

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